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Apr 18, 2006 10:56 PM

Markets in Birmingham?

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I'm going to Birmingham this weekend (april 21-22) and was wondering if there are any gourmet markets, grocery stores or farmer's markets in town. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am unfamiliar with Birmingham
Thanks, Andy

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  1. The Finley Ave Farmer's Market is more of a truck market. I don't know that you'll find anything especially gourmet there. But I like it because, unlike the State Farmer's Market in Forest Park in Atlanta, you may actually run across a farmer selling his produce there, not just someone re-selling stuff from a wholesaler that was grown in FL/CA/Chile.

    And it's right near Niki's West.

    1. Gourmet Markets:
      Tria in downtown homewood.
      V. Richards on Claremont.

      Both are very nice...I happen to like Tria better (and it's bigger). And yes, Whole Foods is coming to 280.

      1. On Saturday, visit Pepper Place Market:

        Lots of nice items, live music, and chefs who do demonstrations - a great atmosphere.

        ..much more expensive than the farmers' market on Finley, but a nicer variety of items...