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Apr 18, 2006 01:52 PM

Pakistani/Halal Restaurant in Atlanta

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Folks, where can I find a good Pakastani restaurant or Halal restaurant in Atlanta? I am currently in the Buckhead area, but willing to explore. Thanks.

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  1. Try Panahar on Buford Highway. The owner tries to upsell, but the food is generally very good, if somewhat expensive.

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      Naan N Curry has the best Pakistani food around Gwinnett. Best food and very reasonable prices. Located in Duluth by Old Norcross Raod and Breckinridge Road. I dont have the physical address but call them for direction. 770-912-9924. Hope you will enjoy the food.

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        +1 for Naan N Curry. There is also Kabob Hut and maybe one or two others along Indian Trail Lilburn Road in Lilburn.

        Panahar is Bangladeshi, and there is another Bangladeshi that's not so fancy but with most of the food being quite good that's called Taj Mahal iirc and it's next to Lazeez Tava Fry which btw I believe is also Pakistani and is also quite good.

        In Decatur there's Luqma and possibly others. Luqma was also pretty good the one time we went.

        Oops just realized the thread is five years old but those are my 2c either way.

    2. There is a small hole in the wall restuarant in Marietta called Tandoor. Their food is out of this world! After we discovered Tandoor we havent looked elsewhere!

      Tandoor Restaurant
      279 Powers Ferry Rd SE Ste F, Marietta, GA 30067