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Apr 17, 2006 01:54 PM

Myrtle Beach Chow search!

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I've done a search on this board for don't miss good eats in Myrtle Beach and only found recs from 2003 or earlier.
I'm a New England Chowhound who will be visiting in mid May and I'd love to hear your favs in the area.
Seafood, BBQ and if there's any great oriental (Thai especially!)

A thousand thanks in advance!!

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  1. c

    Add embarassed smiley here...
    I found some great links further down the page - thanks mark!

    (But if the urge does strike feel free to add any favs here! :)

    1. Murell's Inlet Area:
      Flo's (our favorite)
      Divine Fish House

      The Gulfstream Cafe - best sunset in Myrtle
      Latitude 22 - great ocean view - excellent happy hour

      Pawley's Island:
      Louis's at Pawleys
      Franks and Franks Outback

      Broadway at the Beach:
      Liberty Steakhouse

      Myrtle Beach:
      The Sea Captain's House

      North Myrtle:
      Dock Holidays - not upscale, but on the water with great music and decent food.

      Check out the website:
      It is run by locals who love to answer questions about Myrtle Beach.

      Have fun!

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        Thanks Susan! I'll try to post when I get back at the end of May :)

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          My husband and I couldn't get into Joe's Bar & Grill and also didn't feel like spending $100, so we walked down the street a bit further to Hamburger Joe's. It is VERY casual, fun, also on the marsh. Order a Carolina burger -- a hamburger with chili, slaw and onion. I loved it! Great fries. They also serve alcohol. We had drinks and dinner for two for under $20! Don't forget to add a $1 bill to the wall. Located at 809 Conway Street - North Myrtle Beach, behind Olive Garden, past Joe's Bar & Grill.