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best Memphis breakfasts??

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  1. IMO...

    In no particular order, Brother Juniper's (on Walker across from Garibaldi's), Buns on the Run (on Elzey in Cooper-Young), Bryant's (on Summer), the Pancake Shop on Mendenhall (if you can put up with the cigarette smoke).

    Anyone else? Randal?

    1. I like the Blue Plate on Poplar out East.

      1. West Street Diner in Germantown is very good. So is Barksdale's. Bryant's is good too. In my opinion, Blue Plate is just mediocre. Perkins is very good as far as chains go. The Bagel Company at Poplar & Kirby is very good too--closest thing to a true deli that Memphis has unless someone knows something I don't.

        Owen Brennan's is very good for Sunday brunch as long as you don't mind waiting for what seems forever at the omelet station--custom made but with a wait.

        And as odd as this may sound, Waffle House on Germantown Parkway near I-40 is actually surprisingly good. The service is good and the staff actually seems to enjoy being there and has a good time, which makes the experience much nicer than someone who acts as if they HAVE to be there. That's my 2 cents!

        1. Quetzal on Union. No country ham or biscuits and gravy but great breakfast sandwiches, frittatas and bagels with lox.

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            Sounds good, but since you mentioned country ham... any suggestions for a place to get a great country ham biscuit in Memphis?

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              Bryant's Bryant's Bryant's

              (on Summer near Graham)

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            Bill E. Burk

            >> In my opinion, Blue Plate is just mediocre. >>

            MeatLoaf: Report immediately to the Shelby County Health Dept. for a saliva test.

            Blue Plate mediocre?

            Their breakfasts (available all day long) are the BEST thing that ever happened to Memphis restaurants, bar none !! Food is excellent. Service is excellent. Prices very moderate to cheap for what you get.

            But a good affordable breakfast in Memphis these days is practically impossible, otherwise.


            1. I agree that Blue Plate is just mediocre, if not less than mediocre. I have been twice and have been disappointed both visits. I won't go back there. I do, however, think Bryant's is my favorite for a good Southern biscuit with all the traditional accompnaiments. Brother Juniper's is also good, but do not go in a hurry.

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                Just tried Brother Juniper's for the first time Saturday. Excellent--an eye opening experience. The wait wasn't so bad. It was about 11:30. And the food was superb. There's not another menu like it in town. You can't possibly put Brother Juniper's in the same league with Blue Plate, Bill! Apples and oranges! I WILL be back SOON.

              2. That is so sad that this area of eating has just continued to go downhill...not being able to get a superior breakfast in Memphis is a CRIME!!!!!

                1. Bryant's
                  Brother Juniper's

                  Distant 3rd: Anything else

                  1. I visit Memphis once or twice a year from the West Coast (Bay Area). Every time, I visit Bryant's, hands-down, the winner for food and, uhm, ambience :-) I love it.

                    1. Re the West Street Diner in Germantown - wasn't impressed. The food was okay and the menu was typical. I'll have to give it another chance.

                      1. blue plate has a quant vibe to it....don't remember much about the food though.

                        1. Bryants is good greasy homestyle 'like granny made' cooking. Maybe the best biscuits and bacon biscuits around. YUM. If you are just interested in good, fast, greasy, 'real' southern breakfast food - it's bryants. Table arrangement a little claustrophobic for me, and I don't like the fluorescent lighting.

                          I love Barksdales. The food is great home cooking, consistent, the location is perfect (for me anyway) they have a wider variety of menu options than a place like Bryants - like omelets, they have GREAT hashbrowns (I LUV hashbrowns) and my favorite is the greek omelet with FETA.
                          The atmosphere is all friendly - not just the staff - just the 'air around you' feels friendly and happy. That's important to me.

                          Brother Junipers is good, but you might wait up to 2 hours for a table and it's kind of 'high falutin', if you will. Other places like Bryants or Barksdales are more relaxed, Junipers has almost a chain restaurant feel of 'in and out' churn. If you want wheat biscuits and are a 'vegan' it's the choice for you.

                          Blue Plate Cafe has excellent breakfasts and they're HUGE. You can get meat, eggs, pancakes AND biscuits for almost nothing. You can't even eat it all. It's fairly relaxed and clean too.

                          Dino's Southwestern Grill on McLean has breakfast on the weekends and it is good and it is FINE, love Dino's, the staff & the patrons. It always feels nice being there. I don't know, it's like visiting a close relative.

                          The Pancake House out on Summer Avenue, they have the best great outstanding bacon, the breakfasts are huge, cheap and cooked just right. Haven't been there in awhile and they used to always have some flies in there in summer and I hated that, but not enough to stop eating there! LOL

                          1. No question, Bryant's. get a country ham, egg and cheese biscuit and you will be hooked forever.