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Apr 13, 2006 10:24 AM

Elmer's Gold Brick Eggs & Heavenly Hash in NC Triangle?

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We're from Mississippi, currently in Cary NC, and cannot find the Easter Candy staples we grew up with: Gold Brick Eggs and Heavenly Hash produced by Elmer's Candy in south Louisiana. I searched A Southern Season & Fowler's after spouse searched the grocery stores & chain drug stores where we usually buy our sugar fix.

If you have seen this candy in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill or even Greensboro areas please tell me where so I may rush out to buy some. THANKS!


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  1. In Nashville by way of Chauvin, LA and I feel your pain. Easter ain't Easter without Elmer's, and I can't find them anywhere. Mom tells me they don't even make the cherry cream eggs anymore. What a tragedy.