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Apr 3, 2006 11:47 PM

Morton's Atlanta - Save Your Money! [Moved from South]

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In Atlanta for a friend's surprise party -- thus on my own for a night -- I asked the concienrge at my hotel, the Ritz-Carlton, where I could go fo a good steak. Like a good and faithful employee she recommended their in-house restaurant. I should have listened to her. Not enticed by here recommendations, I asked for directions to Morton's -- "How can you go wrong with Morton's?", I figured. It was empty on a Friday night; that should have been my cue to keep walking, but I didn't. I ate at the bar. The bartender was engaging, which was good, since I was the only one in the bar. Long story short, the Morton's Salad was wilted, my hashbrown potatoes were oily, and my steak was overcooked -- I had to send it back. Did my server, the bartender, offer to buy me a drink or dessert? No. So save your money. Next time you walk past a Hooters full of people having fun on your way to Morton's, do yourself a favor and turn around and order some wings and a brew. At least if it sucks, as did Morton's, you'll you'll only be out $20.

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    Newcomb Girl

    I have to agree. Ate there several years ago and was not only terribly displeased (must have been the *same* wilted salad), but both my dinner companion and I suffered GI distress later that night. With The Palm right down the street (in addition to several other high-end steakhouses), I really don't know how Morton's stays in business in Atlanta.

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      I had probleems w/ the ATL location but the home office sent me a gift certificate after I complained by mail which I used in Charlotte. The CLT location is very good.

    2. The original comment has been removed