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Mar 27, 2006 06:56 PM

Nashville w/ a vegetarian

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Gonna take my vegetarian son out for his 21st birthday in Nashville. He wants something good but pretty casual. Any suggestions? He's not Vegan, but fairly strict of a vegetarian. (no seafood or eggs).

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  1. right up the street from vandy there is a vegetarian indian place called the woodlands the other two indian places right around vandy have many veg dishes but also offer meat dishes

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    1. re: neil

      We've had lots of good vegetarian so far in Nashville, with Woodlands being near the top of the list. They offer a delightful range of dishes, and avoid the swimming-in-ghee syndrome that ruins so many Indian restaurant meals.

      We've also found good, fresh vegetarian fare at Zola's, Mad Platter, Marche, Baja Burrito, Fido (Eggplant Tower!), Parco, and Sunset. We're continually disappointed by the Mexican food here.

      1. re: chicagoruby

        Mexican food in Nashville is shamefully bad, but there's an exception: La Hacienda. It's on Nolensville Road sort of near I-440. We eat there often so the kids can run around. It's good, and even sometimes very good. Actually, there are two Nolensville Road locations -- the other is near the zoo and specializes in seafood. I must say, though, that I had one of the worst restaurant meals ever in that location, bad food, bad service, The Chipmunks singing Christmas carols on the loud muzak.

        Have you tried tayst yet -- their food is great and is a little llike Zola's in the use of many ingredients, interesting taste combinations, etc. They usually have a meatless special, and the kitchen will willingly make anything you request. It's located on 21st Ave across from the old St Bernard school. Also, I love Ombi on Elliston place. The menu includes lots of little plates so you can try a wide variety. Lots of meatless offerings.