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Mar 20, 2006 02:33 PM

a little Charleston restaurant sleuthing help, please!

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I am being treated to dinner by parents of a friend. The name of this restaurant has been mangled and lost since it's third hand now. Anything in town that might sound like "twist" ? Many thanks.

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    Low Country Jon

    Tristan's or FIG come immediately to mind. Do you know what kind of food the restaurant serves?

    1. "Twizt" is on James Island where Angelfish was at one time. I have eaten there and the food is very good-small portions and a little expensive for the amt of food. I like Mondo Delite much better and also like the Ole Firehouse in Hollywood.

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        I bet that's it. Thank you.

        Originally, the folks who are treating said their fave place was the sanctuary at Kiawah, but said it had gone downhill. This is their new fave. The beauty of someone else treating (even more-so than the $$ considerations) is I don't have to obsess over which restaurant to choose.

        Now all I have to pick is a spot for the Friday night before the bridge run where I can get some not-too-high-fat pasta. I'll probably wind up at Il Cortile de Re again, or perhaps try Al Di La.

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          Al Di La is way better- but better make reservations

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            Cooper River bridge race...always one of my favs. Haven't run it in over fifteen years. Made me go dig out an old tshirt. Ah...when my legs were good and my I could run forever. Now the Dilworth in Charlotte is about as good as I get.

            Carolina's on Exchange St is one of my favs down there.

        2. I love Twizt! The servers and bartenders are great, and so is the food. The chef of Fulton Five is the owner and he's had rave reviews in our lcal papers. It's not expensive-entrees start at $14.00. Thank goodness for a good James Island restaurant!

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          1. re: scfoodie

            I was surprised to see this old thread revived.

            The restaurant in question was indeed Twizt. It was fine, but nothing special. I'm sure folks who live close by are happy to have Twizt as a choice, but I was very disappointed given the other restaurants in Charleston and the fact that only get a Chas. a couple of times a year.

            We also ate at Al Di La, loved it, and will be back this month.