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Mar 18, 2006 10:13 PM

Big-T Bar-B-Q in Columbia, SC?

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Heard some good things about this place out on Sparkelberry Lane but haven't seen any mention of it here. Any Chowhounds had any meals there?

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  1. Love this place. Any of the Big T's location is solid.

    1. The original Big Ts is in Sumter. I have eaten there and also at the one on Sparkleberry, but not in a while - pretty good 'cue!

      1. I just got some bbq here for the 1st time on Saturday 11/28/09 and it was DELICIOUS! I'm a North Carolinian and although I prefer the vinegar-based sauce, this is some GOOD SC Style (Mustard-based) bbq. If you're not FROM Columbia, it may be a little hard to find. It's not on a main road.