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Mar 15, 2006 10:04 AM

great eats in Little Rock, AR

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hi there -
i'm doing a report about food in little rock, arkansas and would love some chowhound suggestions...?

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    1. Ferneau restaurant on Kavanaugh st.
      chef Donnie Ferneau knows what he's doing,
      and he's got a real presence about him too.
      I've known about his cooking since he was a chef in iowa city, iowa.

      1. I've been to Ferneau three times and have good experiences each time. The food is solid, the wine list so-so, but easily navigable and the service is attentive without being cloying. The only issue I have is price. I understand quality and freshness and have no problem paying for it, but $40 for a Sterling Silver NY Strip is too expensive for Little Rock. I can get the same thing in Atlanta for $32-35. I've had the Ahi Poke Nachos also, but $15 is again,too expensive for what you're given. A meal for two with two glasses of champagne to start and two half bottles of wine (each $30) came to around $260 before tip. That's exceedingly expensive for LR! Wines are actually reasonable, but the food price points need to be given serious reconsideration. I'm certain I'm not alone in feeling this way. I will definitely be back again, but will pay close attention to price.

        1. Ashley's at the Capitol Hotel. By far the best chowish food around-locally sourced food, most of it made in-house and beautiful presentation and actually affordable. Amazing.
          I totally agree with jazzfan, I'll pay for good food, but Ferneau is outrageous. We went there recently and had a nice meal, nothing crazy, and our bill was $150 before tax and tip. That was food (prix frix), 2 glasses of wine and a cocktail. It's too much for what you get.
          Acadia is great food, and not so expensive. The atmosphere is nice there, too, not just the nightclub feel that Ferneau has.
          I really really love Bossa Nova on Kavenaugh. I have never had a meal there that wasn't satifying ang delicious. They make some good cocktails, have a great list and I don't cringe taking my toddler (usually-hah!).

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            I totally agree about Ashley's. The food is beautifully presented and the pricing is remarkable. You would easily pay twice the bill in other cities for food the caliber of Ashley's and the service is top notch. I've been for breakfast, lunch & dinner and was impressed each time.

          2. If you're into seafood at all, Flying Fish down on President Clinton Ave.