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Good and Cheap in Charleston

jenn Mar 6, 2006 12:32 PM

I am only here for three days, where can I eat?? I will eat almost anything, so long as it is fabulous and not too expensive.

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    dgonzale80 Aug 24, 2006 05:01 PM

    good and cheap in charleston! my favorite topic. i spent two years (2002-2004) in charleston with americorps*nccc and, getting by on about $300 a month, we all quickly sought out the good, cheap places on the peninsula when we needed to get off of the decommissioned naval base in north charleston. here are a few places my buddies and i enjoyed:

    yo burrito (i'm not sure if it's there anymore): this place has enormous burritos and a really nice salsa bar. it reminds me of the la salsa chain here in los angeles, except this restaurant catered to the poor college crowd near the c of c campus. the restaurant also featured really crappy beers at super cheap prices. cheap beer and burritos. the best. i liked this place much better then juanita greenberg's on upper king.

    andolini's: drop in for a quick slice (or two) of pizza and a pint of PBR for about $5. this place is also popular with the college crowds and the nccc-ers on a budget.

    tho i don't think their pizzas were outstanding (sometimes the dough was charred other times it could be really, really chewy), the mellow mushroom was a popular place to go because of their massive beer selection. tons of bottled selections and the ability to split a pie with friends made this a no-nonsense draw. i believe the mellow mushroom may be a regional chain as i saw them in birmingham and asheville.

    the kickin' chicken made the best chicken tenders and honey mustard sauce i've ever had. ever. their honey mustard recipe must have the same common ingredient with zankou's garic paste... crack. i've been fiending for it since leaving south carolina but nothing in southern california has satisfied the craving.

    kaminsky's: coffee, tea and desserts. try the red velvet cake, if they have it.

    basil: this was a new restaurant when i was in charleston and it became an overnight sensation. sprig rolls, pad thai, all the usual stuff are done well and the place is really trendy with a nice looking crowd. we used to like hitting this place before orchestra concerts.

    meritage: small plates. fun patio. the food is slightly more sophisticated than any of the other restaurants we'd frequent, but it made it a nice choice for birthdays or what have you.

    places also worth checking out:
    hominy grill
    the mustard seed (mt pleasant and maybank hwy)
    bookstore cafe

    sheesh, i'm overdue for a visit back to the peninsula.

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      YourPalWill Mar 7, 2006 03:05 PM

      I grew up in that part of the country and now live in a far colder place far away. i always recommend the SeeWee Restaurant in Awendaw if folks are looking for a real taste of what Low Country cooking is all about.

      It's located on Highway 17, north of Mt. Pleasant. It will take you 30 minutes or less from downtown.

      Below is a link to a discussion of "where to eat in Charleston" from another board.

      I highly recommend Bowen's Island too.


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        1 wiener hound Mar 7, 2006 11:03 AM


        Hominy Grill Great Choice for Breakfast or Lunch

        Jack's Cosmic Dogs more atomsphere than good dogs. I would go to Johnny's Dog's on Coleman Blvd on the Side of Royal Hardware Store in Mt. Pleasant.

        Have not Been to Martha Lou's Kitchen but have always been tempted. It has gotten good reviews in local papers. When you do a drive by and you think well I do not know if I want to go in there or not then I would suggest Jestine's Kitchen on Meeting St. for meat and 3 soul food.

        Do not Know any thing about Amuse

        But if I may suggest Mamma Brown's BBQ on Ben Sawyer Blvd. I would go for a supper meal it is an AYCE buffet it specializes in Vinegar and pepper style pulled pork Q. It is similar to E. NC style BBQ also their Mac & cheese and Chicken pilau are great.

        Another local fav. if you like roast oysters is Bowen's Island Rest. on Folly Rd. just before you get to Folly Beach. Even if you do not eat oysters it is worth the trip just to see the place. This is a true one of a kind original ain't none like it kinda of place. Hope you have fun. Let's us know how it went.
        1 wiener hound

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          John Jacobs Jun 18, 2006 09:58 PM

          I would have to say that Good and Cheap usually equal only a few things, one of which being hot dogs. In my humble opinion the only place to go for a great, cheap hot dog is Jack's Cosmic Dogs. They serve up only the finest Boars Head hot dogs, topped with everything from chili to Jack's zippy onion relish, and excellent Sweet Potato Mustard. I believe that the what comes on top of the hot dog is just as much if not more important than the hot dog itself, and Jack's has no shortage of creative and delicious toppings, in an extrememly friendly, retro syle atmosphere.

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          Susan Mar 6, 2006 06:15 PM

          Bookstore Cafe. Huge, different breakfasts, served all day. It will fill you up!

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            sudiepav Mar 6, 2006 01:07 PM

            Two very inexpensive places we tried last month were Momma Brown's in Mt. Pleasant, and Jack's Cosmic Dogs. MB has much more typically southern food, and the buffet at lunch was good, with well-prepared food that seemed to be replaced often on the buffet . Cosmic Dogs has a nice retro feel, tho not what one might view as authentic C'ton fare.

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