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Trader Joe's coming to Atlanta!

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According to today's Atlanta Business Chronicle, Trader Joe's has signed leases for stores in Midtown and Sandy Springs, and is looking at locations in Buckhead and East Cobb. TJ's declined to confirm the leases, but did say the company will enter the Atlanta market by year's end.

Woo hoo!

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  1. Woo hoo is right!!!

    Although I am sure it cannot live up to my expectations, at last we can join in on the many, many TJ's threads.


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    1. re: LizR

      oh, it's pretty good.
      coffee, chocolate. dinner in a jar, dairy, salsas.
      there will be a lot to enjoy.
      I go every couple weeks here in NY

      1. re: fritz

        I've used Trader Joes and while it was awesome in Annapolis, I think that the sheer awesomness of Harry's will keep me going there for the most part.
        But I do love TJ's.

        1. re: AaronB

          I'm from California, now living in N GA mountains. TJ's and Whole Foods were within 15 minutes of my home in CA. I'm so excited about TJs in Atlanta I can't stand it...I'll have to drive 2 hours to get there, but it will be worth the trip...Harry's in Roswell is a great store. Hope TJs is near Harry's. The two stores were the only places I shopped.

          People will love it ...

          Have ice chest, will travel for food....

      2. re: LizR
        Tha Groovin' Gourmet

        Don't know what your expectations are, but I'll wager that TJ's will exceed them. Coolest grocery store on this planet or any other.

      3. how will TJs compare to Harry's?

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        1. re: beteez

          Don't know about TJ's to Harry's but Harry's holds no candle to Your DeKalb Farmer's Market. Smaller but much more interesting.

          1. re: beteez

            While Harrys boasts a fantastic selection of just about anything delectable, they are VERY proud of their merchandise. Prices on most of the meats and seafood border on ridiculous, although it is true that a search for something exotic will usually find Harrys stocking it.
            Trader Joes, on the other hand, boasts a consistent selection of quality products such as 100% kona coffee, or some of the best quality stuffed olives I've personally encountered anywhere. And all at VERY reasonable price. Traders scours the planet for growers who can consistently support the volume needed in order for them to develop and perpetually stock an item. This is always a win win situation for all parties... as the consumer gets superior quality at the best price available...the grower has a guaranteed outlet for his crops... and Trader Joes just keeps expanding the basic principles that have made it the success that it has been for many years. You've gotta love it... GET READY ATLANTA FOR A VERY NICE SURPRISE. Personally, I'm just happy I don't have to carry any more heavy carry-on bags filled with Trader Joes goodies back on my Las Vegas return flights. With the new TSA liquid restrictions, those days are probably gone forever anyway

          2. s
            Sunshine Girl

            As a northeast by-birth girl, Atlantan by schooling/work, and presently an angeleno, I can say that you will love TJs.

            First of all: exceptional price points on things like cheeses, crackers, snack foods, etc. Price points on produce and meat/poultry aren't the best, but they do carry a lot of organic/kosher foods, that are much better priced than say Whole Foods.

            Secondly, TJs is probably most known for "Two buck chuck." Charles Shaw winery produced decent red and white wines for - you guessed it - two bucks. People trying to throw large parties and offering acceptable wine now had a choice besides the "jug o wine." Now, mind you, the wine won't be getting any Wine Spectator 95 points anytime soon, but again, it's "decent" and "cheap."

            I do love TJs. They send out a periodical newsletter that talks about the new additions to the store, some of the stories behind the products, etc.

            The prepared salads and frozen foods are quite nice too, and if you're looking to create your own trail mix, you will be happy going here.


            1. I hate yall - you're soooo lucky!!May-be I need to move back!

              1. HI all, I live in So Cal and I LIVE at TJ's and have done so for 29 years. It's a gem of a find I kid you not. They are so good that I when I lived in San Diego and TJ's was not yet there I used to routinely travel 50 miles north to get to a TJ's. The quality, variety and prices are way over the top. They have so many items I can't mention them all. At least 75% of the stores have people preparing food, handing out samples and giving you the recipes. Many of the employees are well versed in wines as well. This company works very hard to please. Do not discount them until you have given them a chance. If you dont like something take it back-they dont want you to keep it and be unhappy. Thank your lucky stars TJ's is coming to town. BTW-its also a great place to work. I have two friends that love working there. Oh-for your folks who keep kosher look for all the items with certification (hashgacha) and the lists of kosher items they provide for you. Look them up at http://www.traderjoes.com/ and read about them.

                1. The captain at one of the new TJ's in Atlanta is my boyfriend's sister in law. She is awesome, it will be a great store. The last one she opened was the most successful opening they've ever had. Don't know which of the locations there though. I hope Atlanta will make them welcome.

                  1. Personally I think TJ's is way over-rated but good for a few things.

                    Two buck chuck (typically $3 on the East Coast, or at least in Boston) is gross.

                    1. My husband heard on the radio that the location for one of the ATL Trader Joe's is in that strip mall on Monroe and 8th where the Landmark Midtown theatre and the Highlander bar are... no word yet on when they're opening, though!

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                      1. re: JessicaSophia

                        My first apartment when I moved to Atlanta was right up the street from Midtown Promenade. That Winn Dixie (and later Sav-Rite) had to have been the worst grocery store ever. I dreamed that the space would become ATL's first Whole Foods.

                        Well, at least it's finally becoming something good. It only took 10 years.

                        I may be wrong, but I think the other one will be just south of Roswell and Wieuca. If that's the case, praise TJ's for shutting down Marco's, officially the *worst* Italian restaurant on the planet. Unfortunately, I have relatives who loved it, and I occasionally would get dragged along.

                        1. re: JessicaSophia

                          Local Atlanta cuisine boards suggest October is the date they are shooting for. I understand that they are hiring.

                        2. Most of the wines are whatever they find that they can get a deal on, so there's no way to tell you very far in advance what they're going to be. And if you find a wine you like, stock up fast because when it's gone, it's gone. When we lived in California, my approach was to buy several bottles that looked promising, try then, then hurry back and buy several bottles or half a case or a case, whatever we felt was warranted.

                          I'm overjoyed that Trader Joe's is coming to Atlanta even though it will be over an hour from me, just because I'll again be able to get their Peanut Butter (natural, crunchy) -- the world's best. It will be worth the drive every month or so even if we buy nothing else (fat chance!).

                          1. I keep hoping that Trader Joes will move into Nashville soon. I don't suppose anyone has heard any rumors as yet.

                            1. Boo hoo, this Texan is SO JEALOUS.
                              Have fun!!

                              1. Nashville has this crazy liquor "law" (and numerous restrictions) so stores like Trader Joe's, CostPlus World Market (et al.) that normally sell wine in their stores can't do so here. It's scandalous and really sucks. Will need to start our day trips again to ATL when TJs opens!

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                                1. re: Lindalicious

                                  I'll be heading to Atlanta from Nashville once TJ's opens for periodic replenishment of perishables and other things that don't survive airline luggage handling very well. Will Georgia liquor laws allow TJ's to sell wine? What about other alcohol (e.g., beer, hard liquor, fortified wines)?

                                  1. re: Ginger

                                    Wine and beer (not sure if anything harder) are sold in supermarkets and drugstores here in Atlanta, so I don't know that Trader Joe's would have any difficulty.

                                    I just moved here from New York City, and when the Trader Joe's and Whole Foods opened stores there, they had to create separate stores for their liquor departments.

                                2. I have heard Trader Joe's will be in the Party City plaza on route 92 in Roswell - has anyone else heard this?

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                                  1. re: Allie

                                    Yes - was just by there today, and a sign was posted stating "Trader Joes Coming Soon"

                                  2. Not sure if Georgia laws will allow TJ's to sell wine as Georgia is a franchise state and requires that all businesses go through a distributor. Usually, I know, that TJ's gets their own wine directly from wineries so they might have a problem in this state.

                                    1. I'm still excited about TJs coming to Atlanta area...for all the nay-sayers, it's okay...there will be so many people who will fall in love with TJs, you won't be missed.

                                      Someone asked how Harry's or Whole Foods compares to TJs...pricewise TJs is the best...but I've always shopped both stores. What one store can't provide, the other store can. Neither store is for the budget minded or big family shopping.

                                      TJs is the only thing I've missed about my life in California.

                                      1. I am so excited that Trader Joe's will be here in Atlanta soon! I moved here 11 years ago and other than my brother and his family, TJ's was the biggest thing we missed! Saw the sign at Sandy Spring's Plaza last week and I understand that another store is on Crossville Road in Roswell. I called the corporate headquarters a few weeks back and they told me of 3 locations opening before the end of 2006, Midtown, Sandy Springs and East Cobb but now I see the Roswell locale too. I worked there for more than 5 years when I lived in So. Cal but I was a customer long before I was an employee. I'm thrilled that I will have stores so close and will no longer need to make a TJ run when I go to Ohio or California to visit family!!!