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Mar 28, 2005 04:07 PM

[PDX] Best baguette?

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The title pretty much says it all. A cursory search of the board says, clearly, Ken's, and we will certainly pay Ken's a visit.

But is Ken's the best? Do any other bakeries have a good hand with baguettes? Sweet, not sour.




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  1. It's easy enough to do a tour of many for yourself. Both Ken's and St. Honore are in the Nob Hill area of NW. The Pearl Bakery is in NW, though in the Pearl District. There's a Grand Central in the Irvington/Lloyd Center area, which is only 5 minutes away from Pearl.

    There are other artisan bakeries. Even very good ones. But these are all so close to each other, especially by car, it's worth trying them all perhaps. (My first two choices would be Ken's and Pearl.)

    1. Ken's - I have tried most of the others and constantly end back up with Ken's.

      The start to my perfect weekend is still a trip to the downtown farmer's market with a quick stop at Ken's booth for a croissant (eat while walking around) and a baguette (usually for lunch with some sort of cheese I pick up).

      Good thing the market opens back up in a couple weeks......

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        The market opens this weekend, April 2nd.

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          Any idea if the LOW guys are going to be there?

          1. re: Leeper

            They aren't. Rodney works on Saturdays at Apizza and their pit is trailerless in back of the restaurant. I understand, and hope it's true, however, that Sahagun will be at the PFM at least every other week despite nearing the opening of their shop.

      2. Ken's without a doubt
        Pearl is second back a ways.

        nobody else is even in the race

        1. Very pleasantly surprised by Baker & Spice baq. served at Three Square Grill. Lots of crunch, vs. too much chew.
          (Also really liked the roast chicken. Succulent, in fact. Hubby got his usual, salmon hash. It was a Friday night, home from work after 8, too exhausted to think restaurant choice. Worked out just fine.)

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          1. re: PDXNaomi

            This place is really good. The sandwiches are big and almost all of them are under $3! Try the Saigon Bacon and their Grilled Pork ones. Fresh baked bread everyday and if you drop $15 they'll give you a free baguette!

            1. re: AppleSpam

              I was confused by the title as well, seeing it pop-up. I think the original poster was literally asking who has the best baguette in town. That post was prior to the banh mi house, Best Baguette, existing in PDX, I think.

          2. The real reason to go to best baguette is their vietnamese-french style baguette sandwhiches. The bread is alright, the sandwhiches are alright - but neither are stellar (you will definately find a better BanhMi elsewhere).

            Plusses: the interrior is bright and colorful, they have a very wide selection, it is a relatively cheap lunch (i say relatively because it is actually expensive compared to regular BahnMi shops) and oddly enough, there is a drive through.