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Feb 6, 2006 01:00 PM

need rec's for wineries in central Virginia, dinner/drinks in Charlottesville

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hey all --- any recommendations would be greatly appreciated - trying to plan a suprise getaway for my gal...

looking to take a day trip and head from chapel hill, nc to charlottesville, va and check out some wineries along the way. just an idea to get outta town. there's a bunch of wineries in the middle of the state, all easily accessible for us as we cruise around...check out this map (
can anyone recommend any of these wineries to go for some tastings? i suppose a scenic destination would be nice, but not necessary if the wine is good! we'll probably bring our own picnic with us for lunch. like to hit maybe 3 or 4 of the wineries as we make our way to charlottesville for dinner and to crash for the night.

and can anybody recommend some restaurants in charlottesville? we'll eat any type of cuisine, but the lady is a psedoveggie (she'll eat the seafood, thank god!). don't want to spend a ton of money, but something creative with nice ingredients would be sweet. or something ethnic that shouldn't be missed in charlottesville would also suffice.

and sorry to drag this on, but a bar recommendation as well....we're in our late 20's, like some more chill places that aren't pretentious and play good music (some rootsy music could be nice). and that is all, thanks in advance...

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  1. Barboursville is one of the more picturesque wineries in the area, but is rather over-the-top/snooty for my liking. The best place for me was Horton, a little further north out of Charlottesville--they served 10-12 wines for tasting, there wasnt a bad one among them, and their attitude was very welcoming.

    1. I'd recommend the following:

      Wineries: White Hall, King Family, Veritas, Jefferson, Blenheim. If you do
      Jefferson/Kluge/Blenheim - you can conveniently visit Mr. Jefferson's (as he is referred to around here :-)) Monticello. The King Family vineyard has a polo match each Sunday at 1:30pm May-September.

      Also may want to try out VaVino on the Downtown Mall - a wine bar featuring Virgina wines.

      Restaurants - I recommend the W. Main Street/Downtown Mall area:

      Continental Divide - on W. Main Street - best food for the dollar in town - tex-mex and good margaritas. Several veggie/fish options

      Blue Light Grill - downtown mall - seafood and fun drinks on the downtown mall.

      Zocalo - downtown mall - excellent food

      May want to finish up with gelato at Splendora's.

      You'll have a few bar alternatives on the downtown mall as well, although I'm not a frequent barhopper any more: Rapture for dance; Atomic Burrito, Gravity Lounge for live music; VaVino to sit around and drink wine.

      You can check out The Hook or the C'ville Weekly to see the weekly musical offerings in town.


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        really appreciate it...will certainly check out some of those...thanks....

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          My husband & I will be in Gordonsville and Charlottesville from April 1st to the 8th. Are these recommendations still good? Anything new to add? We love wineries, wine bars and good, interesting restaurants.

        2. Cville has great dining options, mostly on or near the Downtown Mall. Continental Divide is great and affordable, but get there early. Zocalo is excellent for latin fusion and is non-smoking. Bizou is a local favorite for upscale comfort food.

          My favorite vineyard is Veritas ( Good wines and great people just West of town near Afton. Right near them are Wintergreen Resort and Winery, Cardinal Vineyards, and King's Family Vineyards. It would be easy to hit them all in a day.

          ***COMING SOON to the same area of Afton - Blue Mountain Brewery and Tasting Room. It will be the first farm brewery in this part of the country, set up just like a vineyard. Not a bar - a vineyard. Instead of grapes, they'll be growing hops!

          BARS: Fellini's, also downtown has good music most nights. See It's a comfy hardwood setting. Very casual. But don't eat there!