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Feb 4, 2006 10:24 PM

Cachaca in the Triangle?

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I am on the hunt for the Brazillian spirit called Cachaca, it's distilled from sugarcane and is the third most consumed spirit in the world after vodka and soju. Does anyone know if one of the local ABC stores carry it? I see multiple listings on the NCABC site, but the ABC folks are so slow. I'd prefer to be able to drive to a store and pick it up.

Also, I know that Rio Chiarascurria has it. I'm looking forward to the meat on swords experience again next week.



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  1. the only brand I have seen in any nc abc is Gandaia. $16 bucks a bottle located in the same section as rum. Seen in both W-S and gso, so I am sure the larger triangle markets should have it. Not sure how it stacks up qualitywise as it is the only one I have tried. Caipirinhas are a little sweet for my taste, so I add some tonic to a caipirinha and maybe muddle a blood orange with the lime.

    Lots of stuff is listed on the abc site and they will constantly tell you they can't get it, armagnac for example.

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      The Gandaia stuff is awful. It has some really strange off flavors and a funny smell. The folks at the ABC store said other people complained about it too.

      You can order other brands of cachaca at the abc stores, but you have to buy a case. About a year ago I ordered a case of Pirassununga 51 (it was about 19 buck per liter bottle). Pretty sure you can also get Pitu or Ypioca, among other brands. The easiest option is to just pick up a bottle when you're in another state.

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        1. You can find it at the ABC store in Cameron Village shopping center. I brought a bottle the other day. It is 26.00

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            what is the brand you purchased? the above Gandaia? or a different one?

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              Last summer I bought Leblon at the ABC in Durham off 15-501 by Kurama and the ABC in Falconbridge.

          2. Leblon is the only brand available in the ABC stores right now, however if you call some people you could probably get some Pirassununga 51, as there is a great deal in the ABC warehouse. They make a caipirinha with it at the new Thai place downtown.

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