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Jan 29, 2006 12:02 PM

Recs for Fish Tacos in Charleston, SC?

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Anybody have recommendations for places that serve good fish tacos in the Charleston area? I used to go to So-Cal Burrito, but they closed shop. I tried the one at Poe's Tavern on Sullivan's Island but found it way too spicy for my tastes. Red Drum in Mt. Pleasant makes a really good one, but they are not a take-out/take-it-to-the-beach kind of place (i.e. they are only open for dinner and they have valet parking--nuff said.) I like both the traditional fried fish variety and the healthier seared tuna variation. Ideally, I'd like to find a place that uses fresh local fish. Any ideas?

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  1. Hey Jon, we got a place in West Columbia that sells cow eye tacos. I'm scared to try one.

    I've had great fish tocos in LA and SD. I thought they were a Calif. thing but glad to hear otherwise.

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      1 wiener hound

      Enjoyed the article in Sandlapper about Doug's Dogs. Have already done a Mapquest to get a bead on the place.

      1. re: 1 wiener hound
        Paul in Irmo, S.C.

        It's pretty good with all the trappings of a good hot dog joint. It's not as good IMO as Skin Thrashers. The Sandlapper only wants positive articles and not real restaurant reviews.

      2. re: Paul in Irmo
        Low Country Jon

        I'm contemplating exploring the taqueria scene in Charleston in the near future, but I think I'll avoid cow eye tacos!

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        Jon, There is a new place that has opened in Summerville called Pico's. Unfortuanately, I have not tried it yet. It is owned by the same guy that runs Oscar's in Summerville. Oscar's is a general rest and they have a good reputation. They have a Tex-Mex-SW section on their menu The last couple of times I went and had food off the SW section of the menu it was terrible. But before it had been very good. Maybe He was trying to send business toward Pico's. If you want to give it a try it is located just off of I-26 at exit 199-A behind the Holiday Inn Express. If you are daring let us hear how it goes.

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          Low Country Jon

          Thanks for the rec. I don't make it out to Summerville much, but next time I do, perhaps I'll try this place.

        2. I am sorry to see that So Cal closed, when did this happen? I also enjoyed their fish tacos. To be honest So Cal and Poe's would have been my first two recs on where to get good fish tacos. However, I do know of some other places that serve fish tacos. I am not sure if they have the right combo of the flip flop atmosphere and local fish, but they are on the menu. Moe's, Gene's Haufbrau, Voodoo Lounge, and Coast used to have $3 tacos on Sunday with half priced wine night, I know they still have wine night on Sun. but I am not sure about the tacos. You should let us know what else you find.

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          1. re: lizzy
            Low Country Jon

            Thanks for the recommendations. I'll let you know if I find a place to my liking. I think So Cal closed down a few months ago. Something about the building needing extensive repairs. Supposedly the owners were looking for a new place, but I haven't heard that anything's come out of that search. My wife and I loved the place, so we were sad to see it go.

          2. I recommend Taco Spot for fish tacos. I have spoken extensively with owner Jason about the sustainable grouper they use in the tacos. It is light, mild, no fishy taste at all. They have two kinds a spicy and non spicy. Both are very good. We prefer the crunchy shell. Fish is not fried. Owner says they want to do "east coast" version all their own. My family goes frequently, sometimes once a week, although they offer other kinds of tacos besides fish. Highly recommended!

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            1. re: deniselawson

              agree w previous post about the Taco Spot the owners are lovely people to boot. my favorite fish tacos in chs are at Zia, Coast, and Fuel. I'm not
              sure that any of them use local fish though. Perhaps Coast does.