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Mar 24, 2005 10:52 PM

Vancouver BC recommendations

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I'm heading up to Vancouver this weekend and wondered what your fave dinner and drink spots are. It seems like we always end up at the same places when we're up there. Would love to hear your fave dim sum spots too. We're staying on Robson but will go anywhere.


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  1. j
    john shepherd

    There are lots of Vancouver recommendations on the Canada section of the Chowhound site-- you should check that out.

    For dim sum, I like the Flamingo on Cambie at about 60th (there is a larger one on Fraser street). Also recently was at the Kirin in City Square (12th and Cambie) and was pleasantly surprised at the quality (high) and the price (a lot lower than for dinner). One advantage of all 3 is that you can get by without speaking Cantonese (which I don't).

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      Vancouver, B.C. chow is discussed on the Canada board, please re-post and we will remove your posting here.