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Jan 21, 2006 02:07 PM

Charleston SC ---Fried Chicken

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We are making our first trip to Charleston SC in Feb. Where is a good place to get fried chicken there? You know the kind your Grandma used to fry. By the way what is low-country food? We in the midwest are isolated from good food.

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  1. I'm hooked on the fried chicken at Momma Brown's, a BBQ restaurant in Mt. Pleasant on the other side of the Cooper River from downtown Charleston. They also have some of the best BBQ in the area.

    Downtown, many people recommend the fried chicken at Jestine's Kitchen and Hominy Grill. I've tried both and found them okay but not exceptional. Also, Martha Lou's is said to have some of the best chicken in the area, but I haven't tried it yet due to my Momma Brown's addiction.

    Lowcountry food is Southern cuisine distinguished by a strong West African influence (via the Gullah culture brought over by slaves) and to a lesser extent by colonial/sea trade influences such as Asian (notably in the form of chutneys and curries). There is a strong focus on seafood due to the proximity of the ocean. Signature dishes include shrimp and grits, she-crab soup, red rice, and Lowcountry boil (also known as Frogmore stew). You'll find all the standard Southern favorites here as well. In a sense, Lowcountry cuisine is Southern food under a microscope, where the various cultural influences pop out more than most other places. I have little doubt you'll fall in love with Charleston and its food. Most people do.

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      That's a great description of low country cuisine, Jon. Gourmet did a nice articel on the food of the low country a couple of months ago. It's definitely required reading for anyone who wants to get to know this interesting cusine better.

      My suggestion to the original poster is to rent a car and make his way out to Awendaw (north of Mt. Pleasant on Highway 17) to visit See Wee restaurant. It's nothing fancy. But, it epitomizes low country cuisine as well as any place I know of in the low country. If you cut and paste the URL below into your browser, here are comments and pictures of See Wee from a couple of other midwesterners that I have sent in that direction.

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        Thanks, Will! I had the pleasure of visiting See Wee last spring on a trip to Bull Island. They serve some of the better fried seafood I've had in the Lowcountry. I also had my first ever slice of caramel cake there and loved it. Definitely worth the drive.

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          don't forget the SeeWee's veggies. They're also outstanding. Best FG tomatoes anywhere. Can't go there too often now as my wife has started collecting those sweet grass baskets they sell along the roadside. Those baskets can get very expensive.

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        well said!

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          Thanks for all the info.Going down there Feb. 17th, but we are ready to go now.

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            Keep in mind that a big part also of the Low Country influence is that the slaves had to use whatever was left over from the main house slaughters, abundant rice and veggies.

            That is why you find things like chitlins, chicken feet, and pickled watermelon rinds indiginous to the low country.

          2. Some people say that Jestine's is too touristy. I say it is just busy. Really good fried chicken. Get it with the greens and corn bread. Worth the wait. Lunch or dinner.

            1. though i don't know abt the other options in charleston, i have eated my fair share of fried chicken, and agree abt Momma Brown's being amazing. if you want to hear more about it, i just posted a long trip report on eating in charleston that includes description of Momma Brown's and other places.

              have fun!