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Jan 20, 2006 09:36 AM

Best place to try for the FIRST time a pimento burger

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Never had one and would like to try it. I assume in the Columbia, SC area.

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  1. back in my college days, i got mine from the dairy bar on rosewood in columbia. don't know if it's still there, or still good if it is, but it was good back then.

    hope you find one. they're delicious.

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    1. re: mark

      Dairy bar still exists on Rosewood and they still have excellent pimento burgers. You can get excellent pimento (cheese) burgers at Rockaways on Rosewood and Stuffy's on Main street. All these are in Columbia SC.

    2. Enlighten us. What is a pimento burger?

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      1. re: Mike D

        a burger topped with pimento cheese. usually a lot of it.

        if you don't know, pimento cheese (and the recipes vary, this is a very basic outline) is cheddar (usually sharp), something to make it spreadable/dipable (cream cheese, mayo, etc), seasonings (worcestershire, mustard, vinegar, pepper, etc), and diced pimento peppers. variants abound from the basic form. i'm partial to jalapeno-pimento cheese.

        1. re: mark

          Well, Columbia's quite a drive. And although I'm not that far from the Gaffney location, I decided to do it myself.

          Now I may take some heat from the purists, this is what I did: I spiced up and grilled a couple of hamburger patties, to which I added home-made chili, mayo slaw, tomato slices, and the pimento.

          My wife gave the messy, two-handed sandwich a good grade and said I should do it again sometime.

          Thanks to all for the suggestion!

          1. re: Mike D

            sounds wonderful.

            diy is my usual remedy as well as i now live 3 hrs from the parts of sc where pimento cheese burgers are common.

            did you make your own pimento cheese? if so, and you liked it, please post on "home cooking" as i'm always looking for new recipes/variants.

            1. re: mark


              No, I have never attempted pimento cheese. I went with the Sedgefield brand out of Greensboro, NC.

      2. GWB ate his first pimento burger at Rockaways ( Rosewood Dr. in Columbia ) and loved it. I think their burgers are pretty special. When I was in Carolina grad school the Dairy Bar( RIP )on Main St. behind the state house was the place for a pimento burger and a lemonade. That's the first place I ever had one. I never encountered one while growing up in Pickens County and attending school in Spartanburg. I always thought it was a Columbia thing but now see where they are popular in other areas.

        A good rule of thumb : If it takes two hands to hold it, you know you've got a pretty good pimento burger.

        Another hound mentioned a Dixie Burger. The only place I recall having what was called a Dixie Burger was at the Dixie Drive-in ( Greenwood, SC ). Don't know if it's still in operation but they had some good food.

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        1. re: Paul in Irmo

          excellent rule of thumb!

          1. re: Paul in Irmo

            Thanks for your recommendation but being an alumni of both USC and UNC I can assure you that there is NO Carolina in SC. Chapel Thrill being the oldest state supported university and all that. The bars are better at East Carolina however.

            1. re: michael b

              As a graduate of the Carolina, I can assure you that there is a wonderful place called Carolina in Columbia that many of us remember fondly. It's probably just not big enough to hold the gargantuan egos of UNC graduates.

              I'm sorry to hear that the Dairy bar has closed. It was a fave of mine for a pimento burger back in the 80s.

              1. re: YourPalWill

                THE Carolina is an old institution of learning which most assuredly has a bunch of egos that could not fit into a dump truck. I always remember the song line " if rabbits walked on two legs they'd be Carolina girls'

       place for a pimento burger is????????

                Sorry about the Dairy Bar being closed as I am sorry about Wad's in Charlotte being closed...but best place???

          2. Hwy. 11 Restaurant in Gaffney has a mean 3/4 lb pimento burger on Texas toast with home made pimento cheese.

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            1. re: Spanky28017

              I happen to be in Gaffney today for work, so this might be worth checking out in about an hour!

            2. My first pimiento burger was had at the Dairy Bar on South Main Street, Columbia in the mid-80s. I wish they were still at that location.

              Can still find a great one over at the Rosewood Dairy Bar. (Plus real milkshakes.)

              Rockaway's offers a good pimiento burger.

              Might want to try Eddie's on Assembly Street. They have always served a mean burger. Recently I heard a grumble from a friend that quality was declining, but I pray they are wrong.

              I've heard Hunter Gatherer serves good burgers, but I don't know first hand. Also don't know if they have the pimiento variety.

              Good luck!