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Jan 18, 2006 07:12 PM

where can I buy good stone ground grits?

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The last I found at Publix was full of weevils. Most of the grits in grocery stores these days are quick grits and not fit to eat. Gotta have the slow cook stone ground kind which I can't find.

I noticed one poster here who said " grits is". Aren't grits always plural?

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  1. You're a grits lover too!!!!! Gotcha!!!!!!!! At long last. Left the "s" off and here I am. See ya tomorrow if the puddles are gone!

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      1wiener hound

      Not quite sure what the Deputy's post was about maybe there was some hidden meaning that only Midland's folk understand. In the Lowcounty once the grits get on the plate it does not matter as to singular or plural we just say hominy.

    2. Anson Mills in Columbia has some. Check out their site. Four Oaks (US 1 at I-20 in Lexington County) is advertising them on their sign.


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        Definitely. Anson Mills makes literally the best grits in the world.

      2. Paul, the Gourmet Shop in Five Points sells Anson Mills product frozen. I buy a couple of bags and bring them back north every time I am in Columbia.

        If they're real stone ground ala Anson Mills, they'll need to stay frozen. Otherwise, they will become rancid. They also have to be soaked in cold water to remove the chaff.

        I'm not sure if the taste difference is so great that it's worth the $8 a pound cost. But, Charlie Trotter thinks they are. He serves Anson Mills Grits in his very famous restaurant.

        1. Anson Mills is worth the extra bucks for dinner on Friday but not for breakfast on Wednesday. Commander's Palace in NOLA has them air shipped and keeps them in the freezer.

          1. Try Boykin Mill in Boykin SC, they grind their own grits. Near Camden down 521 towards Sumter then turn off on 261. There is also a great resturant there, Boykin Mill Pond.