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Jan 18, 2006 03:37 PM

The Lobster Trap - Asheville, NC

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Anybody tried this place? Recommendations?


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  1. haven't been often, but what i've had has been good. drinks weren't real strong for the price. they do a lobster mac-n-cheese that's really good. it's one of the best places in asheville for fish.

    1. I'll 2nd the lobster mac and cheese - awesome. Have had some very good meals there - nothing fancy - though their shrimp and grits is wonderful - even the next day. Casual. Good drink prices.

      1. Just celebrated a birthday there. Tuesday nite special is oysters on the half shell for 50 cents. They were excellent, but the muscle wasn't cut from the shell by the shucker - this is pretty simple and a good shucker would have done it.

        The dinner special was red snapper and it was perfectly prepared. I'm from the coast of Florida and very picky about fish.

        The lobster seemed pricey, so we passed on that.

        1. The lobster roll was undoubtedly the worst I've ever had, and the Oysters Rockefeller were nearly as bad. And I've probably eaten more lobster rolls than anyone alive, and have feasted on Oysters Rockefeller in dozens of cities. This was an unwelcome surprise, especially at a restaurant owned by New Englanders. In fact, outside of having some lobster pieces, nothing else about the roll was correct, and their version of same is nothing you'll find in other restaurants. And certainly not in New England. Spend your $22 elsewhere on the menu....
          But all was not lost: my wife ordered a regular lobster with broccoli and was quite satisfied with both. One other comment. Do NOT accept seating in the rear part of the restaurant beside the kitchen. During summer, it is so unbelievably hot that you'll want to remove your clothes. I had to unbutton my shirt completely just to get thru the evening. And there were no other tables available.

          1. MY wife and I are locals and we love the place. It is very casual and a great place to kick back and enjoy some good food. We often go for a couple of salads and a couple of appetizers - not that there is anything wrong with the entrees we've had. They always have live music from 7-9 and their wine list is reasonably priced.

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              We go there fairly frequently and while it is seldom a "wow" experience there are many things that make it a desirable restaurant:
              -very low turnover of staff - always a good sign
              -same bartender
              -fresh food
              We often get raw oysters and 2 appetizers and drinks and sit at the bar.