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Jan 16, 2006 09:18 AM

pho noodleville (greenville, sc)

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i tried pho for the first time at pho noodleville yesterday. as i have no basis for comparison, all i can say is that i enjoyed it, and look forward to trying others.

i had the pho tai (beef) sate (spicy). good flavor, with the beef very thinly sliced and poached in the broth. heat/spice level was at the bottom of my personal heat scale, which means for most it would have been medium hot to hot. the pho was accompanied by very fresh basil, bean sprouts, limes and surprisingly wimpy fresh jalapeno slices.

friends who took us and are vastly more experienced in pho said it was good, but the broth was a little on the sweet side. they were disappointed in the meat selections as the pho place they used to frequent in dc offered most cow parts in some manner or other. this place had round steak, chicken breast and shrimp.

the restaurant is located in a strip mall and looks like it belongs there. this was another complaint from my more pho experienced friends. they are accustomed to more hole-in-the-wall places where they are likely to be the minority diners.

i think there's another pho place in g-ville, maybe on pleasantburg or east north. does anyone know of it, or any others?

by the way, haven't been in g-ville in many years. holy cr*p that town has grown. streets that used to be bordered on both sides by forest are now packed with sprawl. amazing how much it's grown. was happy to see the clock drive-in is still there (an old high school hangout), as well as a few other personal landmarks.

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  1. Hey mark - yeah, Greenville is scary. and people who owned farms on Woodruff road 15 years ago could own banks now if they wanted to.

    We eat at Pho Noodleville a lot. (at least relative to how often we eat out in G'ville) I like the pho...the other day I went and they were out of basil. Rats! I wouldn't have ordered it otherwise. I have had better pho on Pleasantburg near Bob Jones, but that one closed.
    My husband gets the garlic and/or lemongrass shrimp there all the time. If you like a tasty combo of shrimp, onion, ginger and should try that. I'm not being sarcastic...I really like sugar:-)

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      hey danna,

      so you note that the dish your husband likes is heavy on the sugar, and my friends noted the pho was on the sweet side. do you know if vietnamese food is generally sweet (i know nothing about it)? or is this just the way this particular restaurant makes it?

      i don't have much of a sweet tooth. i like good chocolate & unadulterated fruit, but that's about it. i won't turn down a good dessert, but it's not something i must have. i didn't pick up on the sweetness in the pho, but then mine was pretty heavily spiced, which i often find counteracts sweetness.

      1. re: mark

        beats me. I think some asian cuisines often like to contrast sweet w/ sour, but I can't say where Vietnamese falls on that scale.

        I'm glad to know you can order the pho spicy. I'll try that next time.

        1. re: danna

          Danna and Mark,

          I'm not an expert, but I've been seeking out Vietnamese food wherever I can find it for about 10 years now, and my favorite examples of pho have always been a little sweet. The pho at Pho 98 in Charlotte, which many people including myself consider to be the best pho in that city, is a little on the sweet side. A good bowl of pho, in my opinion, lights up all areas of the taste buds--sweet, sour, salty, and spicy.

          Glad to hear there's a good Vietnamese restaurant in Greenville. I'll recommend it to my relatives there.

          1. re: Jon

            thanks for the input. i always enjoy learning about cuisines new to me.