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Jan 14, 2006 03:57 PM

Cafe Zen in Durham/ American Tobacco

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Has anyone tried Cafe Zen in American Tobacco? Quality, price range?

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    Bryan Andregg

    My wife and I ate there last week. The sushi was passable; the nigiri was pretty tasteless and the rolls were just fine. Prices were a little more than most places for sushi around here: nigiri is sold in single pieces for 1.95-3 depending on just what you order. I think rolls were in the normal price range (4-5 for california and up to 9-10 for special rainbow). Service was prompt and managable, but there were only 4 tables in the whole place so that's to be expected. We'll give it another try if only because it's very close to home.

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      the sushi and sashimi here are not worth ordering, but the other items on the menu are great. i always order the yakisoba. last time i went i made the mistake of ordering the chirashi and the fish was not fresh tasting at all. overall it's a good, inexpensive place to lunch in durham if you stick with the cooked entrees.

    2. Had sushi there last time I was in Durham (two months ago or so) it was very mediocre. Also, the special roll I ordered was full of mayonaise and very little fish. My dad had a cooked dish which he enjoyed.