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Jan 13, 2006 10:50 AM

Fuel in Charlottesville

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Has anyone been to Fuel in Charlottesville, VA? Menu looks interesting, might want to try in this weekend. Thank you.

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  1. Only about a year late, but yes, it's quite good.

    Basically, this is the finest example of the uniquely Charlottesville gourmet-gas-station trend. In this case, try the premium unleaded and the frogs'-legs risotto if they have it on the specials-- it's a really playful presentation, with the frog's legs peeking out of the risotto dish like it's jumped in to hide.)

    Great wine list, not just from the owner's vineyard (that'd be Patricia Kluge) and, although the restaurant overall is not cheap, the wine prices are pretty reasonable. And the gas prices are the best in town.

    1. I have to disagree. The food was good when they first opened, but it has gone downhill. It is way to expensive for what you get. If you want to spend that kind of money in Cville, go to C&O, OXO, or Hamilton's.

      1. "the fuel company" closed during 4th of July week. No reason given. It had been financed by Patricia Kluge and she said she had other interests. The food had gone seriously downhill and on a Friday night there were many empty tables at 8 pm. Still, I will miss the loveliness of the candles and the spare decore. My first dinner there, short ribs, was as good as it ever gets. But subsequent meals lacked that care and attention to taste. Service was very slow. A recent birthday dinner there was tarnished by two excessively noisy females flirting with a table of men. I decided I would not be going back. Apparently others felt similarly.