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Help in Nashville

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I am in desperate need of help in Nashville. I need a moderately priced restaurant that will impress my foodie boss from NY.

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  1. Try Cafe Margot in East Nashville or Chapel Bistro. Neither are very expensive and both very good.

    If you can foot the bill, Wild Boar would impress.

    1. margot's is good
      Try tayst restaurant it is very affordable.
      Zola's is excellent to but it may be a bit more pricy

      1. Thanks. I'll let you know how I make out.

        1. If it's not too late, let me cast a third vote Margot's. It's excellent, it's fresh, its menu changes nightly, and it's a cute space.

          1. Try Watermark - Cafe Margot sucks

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              In my estimation, and that of many others in Nashville, Margot does not "suck." It's really very good (fresh ingredients, intimate atmosphere, creative menu). I think if you're going to toss out a comment like that (twice on this thread alone) you might include at least one reason; that would be much more helpful--and more convincing.

            2. Wild Boar and Chapel Bistro are closed.

              For moderate priced but foodie-friendly, try Mambu.

              1. Cafe Margot sucks...epicurious.com has some good restaurant recs...try taste

                1. Parco's
                  It is a great meal but prepare yourself for less than stellar service. I think there are only 2 people, one cooks and one serves. Still the food is really good. Ignore the atmosphere too it is in a basement in Printers Alley.

                  1. I would second the comments on Parco. The food is outstanding. However, the last 3 times we have been we have had members of our party done with their main course before others had theirs served. My DH has said the last time was the last time.

                    1. I'm from Nashville and my folks are one of the most well known Nashville couples...Watch what you say because you can't back it up!

                      1. I'm hearing a lot of good things lately about Radius 10, but I haven't tried it myself.

                        1. The above mentioned places are great recommendations, but are not really emblematic of typical southern food. I say take them to Loveless cafe on Hwy 100. Quaint, southern food that I'll bet your bosses have rarely encountered, and the atmosphere is always easy and inviting with not even a hint of pretense. If you go here, I'm betting you score big.

                          1. I am not crazy about the Loveless, and I do not think that it would impress a NY foodie. In my opinion, it's overated greasy food. Yes, the biscuits are good, but I don't think I'd take someone I was trying to impress there.

                            For more upscale Southern, there's Cabana.

                            1. Impressing a NYC foodie may be a challenge in Nashville, but Tayst and Zola would be good bets, except that they're expensive (but not to a New Yorker -- who's paying the bill for this foray?). Tayst has a "happy hour" menu special that's a great deal but you have to eat 4-6 p.m. I love Margot, and I would second Cabana as a good bet for upscale Southern food.The last time I ate at Loveless it was a notch above awful, except for the biscuits. If your boss wants to experience real meat-and-three, homestyle cooking, take her/him to Arnold's on Eight Avenue for lunch.

                              1. As a transplanted NYC foodie, I have to note that Nashville has about as many really excellent high-end restaurants per capita as the NYC area does. They are a biiiit behind the curve (if anyone in Nashville is serving deconstructed food, I haven't heard about it), but places like MamBu and Zola are adventurous and accomplished, and Margot and the Capitol Grille are tops at delicious but slightly less cutting-edge food. And if there's no Chinatown here, well, there's not a bite of real Mexican food to be had in NYC; Nashville doesn't come off as being that far behind in ethnic food to rave about. The problem here isn't the top end, it's the middle--places like Trace and Sunset Grill are praised far beyond what they deserve, and are priced far beyond what they're worth. They would be nice, less expensive neighborhood hang-outs in NYC. Whereas in Nashville, the nice, less expensive neighborhood hang-outs don't serve dinner, because everyone wants to go home to thier family.

                                1. I think Tayst is my hands down favorite if you were trying to impress a foodie, but I wouldn't call Cabana "southern." (That doesn't mean it's bad, just not representative of the region.) I like South Street for southern food, and next door Boundry is usually pretty inventive, too. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Virago, though it's been a while since I've eaten there.

                                  1. Ombi would be my sugestion. Great food, great place!

                                    1. I too am a NY transplant and frequent NY. My suggestions are based on a cool atmosphere that will impress a NYer who probably doesnt have high expectations for food in Nashville, but will be pleasantly surprised. Park Cafe, Acorn, Radius 10, Jimmy Kelly's, Germantown Cafe.

                                      1. Germantown Cafe, Margot's, Zola, Mad Platter, Chadwicks, City House, Radius 10