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Dec 6, 2005 09:20 AM

Vegetarian-friendly eats in Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune area, NC?

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I'm visiting my Mom in two weeks in the Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune area in North Carolina. Last time I was there I really bombed trying to find worthy dining. It seemed like all the restaurants were the boring chain types you see everywhere. No thanks. Adding to this predicament, I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian and while I don't require specifically vegetarian restaurants, I have to find places that are veggie-friendly (i.e., it's a little hard to eat at BBQ joints). Any recommendations *greatly* appreciated!!

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  1. Unfortunately you will have to venture away from Jacksonville to find anything decent to eat. There are some nice restaurants in downtown Swansboro(20 minute drive) like the Gourmet Cafe but you'll be hard pressed to find vegetarian entrees. The best place I would recommend is in Morehead City.(45 minute drive)I long way to go for dinner! It's called Cafe Zito. The food is really excellent and they alway have vegetarian entrees, soups and some nice salads that could be eaten as an entree. You can look at their menu online.

    1. for anyone who googles this thread 8 years later, there are definitely some vegan options available now...

      Marrakesh Mediterranean, a Middle Eastern restaurant, is probably the best restaurant in j'ville. plenty of veg options there

      also Old Siam, a Thai restaurant, has its own vegan/vegetarian menu