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Nov 30, 2005 10:53 AM

Winston-Salem - Christopher's New Global Cuisine - Reviews?

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I've heard good things about Christopher's New Global Cuisine in Winston-Salem. I'm going to be there on business for a few days and I wanted to get your opinions/reviews of it. Thanks.

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  1. I have been fairly well pleased with my two visits to Christopher's. First time around I had the roast duck, which was truly great. The next time I had the ceasar and jerk pork sandwich. The ceasar was ok(not enough anchovy for me) and the pork was well cooked and flavorful though I do like my jerk spicier.

    Not sure if it lives up to the new global part of its name (they don't really push the envelope) but it is one of the better restaurants in Winston
    It is the reincarnation of the old Rainbow news cafe. Not as funky as the old rest. but a welcome addition to downtown


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      Thanks for the info. Someone else I asked about it said that the duck was the best he'd ever had and his wife recommended to sea bass. I'm looking forward to trying it!