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Nov 14, 2005 09:31 AM

Christmas Dinner Buffets in Charleston

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Wonder if any of you all could help us out.
Hubby and I will be spending Christmas day in Charleston, and in the past we had a SUPER Buffet
at Charleston Place. I called this year and found out they they are no longer offering the Buffet.

We really like to have a buffet for Christmas and I was
sonering if any of you kind souls knew of another place that is offering one.


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  1. They were going to be my recommendation. Call them and ask for something else.

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    1. re: v960

      Hi Michael....Don't exactly understand what you mean by
      "Call them and ask them for something else".

      If you mean a sit down dinner as opposed to the buffet,
      yes, they are having that. We were really interested in a buffet, but if that's not possible, then I guess it's a sit down!


      1. re: Angel

        Sorry, but I would call them and explain you had planned to eat at their buffet but since it has been canceled do they have a recommendation? Charleston is a wonderful restaurant city and they tend (not always) to help out when they can't provide the desired service. Especially when last year they did but don't anymore.