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Nov 12, 2005 03:55 PM

NY Pizza in western NC???

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I Just moved to Saluda NC & am trying to connect with a Regular Pizza like the ones made in NY can anyone help me , I herd that Villa Roma in Hendersonville is good? Also Tiny's in Flecther ? Has anyone dined at any of these??

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  1. define ny pizza...

    1. I haven't lived in Hendersonville for about six years, but as I recall the locals gravitate to Pro's on Spartanburg Hwy. I've heard that Villa Roma can be dicey. Don't know anything about Tiny's. You might do best driving the extra 25 minutes to Asheville. Good luck!

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        1. Marco's (preferably their North Asheville location). Hands down.

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            Agree that Marco's is the best in the area, but it's still not NY pizza. We now make our own pizza. It's definitely better than anything in the area.

          2. I feel your pain....we LOVE pizza and are from the Boston area. We had a terrible time finding good pizza here (been here about 5 years). None of the crusts had any flavor to me.

            The places we like best of what we've tried.......hands down, for a thin crust pizza (not a cracker, still has a good "chew" to it) go to West 1st (on West 1st ave in Hendersonville) or Flat Rock Bakery (center of Flat Rock). They are owned by the same people. Their pizzas are great! Theirs are more "gourmet" pizzas as far as their toppings go, although you can get just a cheese or margharita pizza too. They are not huge - about 12" I think.

            For your typical "traditional" pizzas (pepperoni, mushroom, grease running down your elbows, etc, etc), we really like Acropolis on Airport Road in Fletcher - exit 40 off I-26. obviously, they must be greek, but they do have two different crust styles now. We get their "thin" although it doesn't seem thin to me. Their crust has great flavor and they have all the traditional toppings plus some that are more unusual.

            Have not heard good things about Villa Roma. We have also tried Mr. Gatti's (horrible), Main Steet (close to horrible), Bella Regina (not too bad). Once we found Acropolis and West 1st, we stopped looking, so there may be other good ones out there.

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              I can't believe I forgot Cucina 24 in Asheville. They actually have fantastic pizza! The best I have had in Asheville.