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Nov 12, 2005 07:37 AM

Where to Eat in Williamsburg VA

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Any suggestions on the best places to eat in Williamsburg,Va.?

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  1. We like The Trellis. HAve not been there in a number of years but I cannot imagine that it has slipped.

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      I second the Trellis but only if you like chocolate. Well, even if you don’t you will before you leave. For Breakfast the Colonial Pancake House is a must. The Food, Service and people - very good.. Also, eat some Crab Town Nuts for me at The Peanut Shop.

      Colonial Pancake House
      100 Page St
      Williamsburg, VA 23185-4544
      (757) 253-5852

      Trellis Restaurant
      403 Duke Of Gloucester St
      Williamsburg, VA 23185
      (757) 229-8610

      Peanut Shop (Crab Town Nuts)
      414 Prince George St
      Williamsburg, VA 23185-3620
      (757) 229-3908

      1. re: Like-Go-Eat?

        I second all of these and add the Cheese Shop in Merchants Square for a quick sandwich. When they ask if you want special sauce, say "yes".

        Of the taverns, Kings Arms used to be the best (I lived there in the 80's) don't know what the latest wisdom on this is. Chownings is fun at night for the entertainment, but the food is pretty bad. Beer is good though! (Have been there recently).

        1. re: VaNC

          How did I forget those Taverns? Several years ago we went to Shield's Tavern. We sat at a table in the basement. Mr. Shields walks around and makes sure everyone is having a good time. We were having a good time but it was even more fun to have him sit with us at our table and talk with us awhile. A very nice gentlemen. I don't think he is "playing the part," I think he is the real thing. Anyway, we went back again the next year and there he was again. Also, we had the same peach ice cream for dessert. I have not found any ice cream as good since that dessert. All I can say is the competition for fun and food is high in that old section. Maybe try at least two or three taverns.

          Shields Tavern
          On Duke of Gloucester Street near the Capitol.

          1. re: Like-Go-Eat?

            Shields is now a coffee house -- you order light food at a counter and it's served on paper or plastic. Great cookies - my favorite are Orleans (large 3 layer shortbread sandwich cookies held together with apricot jam). It's a nice place to stop for a snack, but not for dinner. Crab cakes at Christiana Campbell's with her famous spoonbread is best.

            I haven't seen Mr. Shields for a while, I'm usually there in the morning. But I've seen a few other characters there!

            1. re: Clark

              Thanks Clark.
              I hate it when people try to fix something that is not broken. I so liked the Chicken and Dumplings. Oh say, do you know if they still sell that Brandy-Peach Ice Cream? Or have they fixed that for us as well?

              Shields Tavern
              On Duke of Gloucester Street near the Capitol.

          2. re: VaNC

            If you say "extra house" you get some on the sandwich and some on the side. Good for dipping the ends of the bread in after the sandwich filling is gone (you have to see it to understand). Better yet, buy a pint of house dressing and a bag of bread ends (left overs from sandwich making because of the way they cut the bread). A meal in itself :)

      2. w

        The best restaurant in the Williamsburg area is
        Le Yaca. Wonderful french restaurant out East Rt. 60 in a shopping center before you get toi Busch Gardens.

        Kings arms Tavern specializes in game, Christina Campbell's in seafood, Shield is becoming a "coffeehouse" based on some archeology they've done in the last few years.

        Several new restaurants with excellent reputation in the same area as the Trellis (which a lot of people feel is lagging behind the cutting edge):
        A. Carrol's, The Blue Talon, and the Fat Canary.

        For slightly lower brow dining try Pierce's Pitt BBQ out west of the city.

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        1. re: Williamsburger

          Peanut soup is also a must-have at King's Arms. I believe it's the only tavern that serves it.

          1. re: WilliamSBurger

            Nice blog, Mr. Burger! I enjoyed reading all of it and look forward to more. Gonna have to try Queen Anne Dairy Snack soon.

            1. re: WilliamSBurger

              Nice blog! Any suggestions for a nice weekday anniversary lunch? Moderately priced?

              1. re: krisrishere

                I think Le Yaca offers a very nice lunch that isn't very expensive.