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Nov 7, 2005 05:36 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner in Raleigh

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I am having company from out of state on Thanksgiving and would like to take them out for dinner. Any recommendations for a decent (and reasonably priced) Thanksgiving meal in Raleigh?

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  1. We've gone to The Embassy Suites behind Sam's on Harrison the past couple of years. For a buffet, the food isn't bad. See link below for prices, direction, etc.


    1. I think Irregardless (downtown) is open on Thanksgiving. They are always great and I imagine would be particularly so on Tday.

      1. I'm from the Raleigh area and will be headed there for the holiday. Our family has discovered that the Maggiano's at the Southpoint shopping center in Durham is doing a special menu for Tgiving. For $30 a head, the meal is served family style and includes an antipasto platter, a salad course, a traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc and then a pasta course. THen there is dessert too. Woo. We think it sounds like a geat deal and are looking forward to it.

        1. Hope this is not too late. I just saw that Marguax's (north of Crabtree on Creedmore Road) will be open for Thanksgiving buffet. It is $32.95 per person and children under 12 half price, which is a little steep if there are many people, but the restaurant is arguable in the top 10 in Raleigh and the menu looked very good. The Thanksgiving memu is posted at their web site