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Oct 31, 2005 01:26 PM

Restaurant help in Cary, NC

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I am traveling to Cary, NC on a semi-regular basis from Charlotte (but I just moved there from DC). Anyway, I am in desperate need of some restaurant help. Last trip I ate at Lotus Leaf and had the pho which was wonderful - but that was by far the best meal I've had in Cary.

I'd like to stay away from national chains. Other than that - I am open to suggestions! please help!!

Any good sushi recommendations?

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  1. Oh, bless your heart. Trying to find a non-chain restaurant in Cary is tough. However, there are some gems, but they will be largely ethnic. The only non "ethnic" decent restaurant I can find in Cary is The Cosmopolitian. It is high end though. There are a couple of great Indian restaurants. I can't remember all the names. Suchi is one, maybe Udipi is the other. Do a search on this site and you may find others. The only good sushi I know of is at Wasabi in McGregor Village SC. At least it used to be. They also have kobe beef.

    I think there may be some new independants that have recently opened in Cary....downtown, I think. I am not sure of the names, but maybe someone else will post.

    You know, you could come to Raleigh...............

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    1. re: VaNC

      Go, go without delay to Udipi. This is the most superb Southern Indian vegetarian restaurant I have been to.
      Even their chutneys are home-made. Dosas and uttapam (crepes), chickpeas, rasam, are first rate, rivalling NYC you will not regret it.

      1. re: Rory

        If you like ethnic foods try Bosphoris. They specialize in Turkish kababs, pida and salads. They also have humus, babagannush and great dolmas.

        329A N. Harrison Ave
        Cary, NC
        Phone: 919-460-1300


        1. re: blewgo

          Udupi is a must. Second choice is Waraji (Japanese), which may technically be in Raleigh, but it's not too far.

          Best of luck.

          David A.

        2. re: Rory

          Hi Rory, do you work for/at Udipi. You make contradicting staements. Suchi and Tower have better food than Udipi any day.

          1. re: Venkat

            I don't know about Rory, but since this is a cummunity board, I'll give you my opinion. Although I like Tower, I do consider Udipi to be superior. And I for one was not all that impressed with Suchi.

        3. re: VaNC

          One non-chain, non-ethnic restaurant in Cary that's been getting a lot of buzz is Southern Star. Haven't been there myself but I've heard good things about it. Hopefully someone will check it out and report soon.

          1. re: Sant

            I have been to Southern Star (but can never seem to remember restaurant names. The staff was eager and friendly. They clearly are new and trying to build a following. The food was very good. Made for an enjoyable evening. The food was, I guess, American bistro type, nothing "too-too". Fresh ingredients and well done. Nice bar.

            1. re: VaNC

              There is a relatively new place in downtown Cary that you might like. Cindy's House Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch Monday-Saturday and dinner on Thursday night. Breakfast dishes include a traditional country breakfast, omelets, frittatas and waffles. Lunch includes salads, sandwiches and dishes like shrimp and grits. I had the shrimp and grits today and it was excellent. They are open Thursday nights and you have a choice of $45 prix fix menu or you can order from the menu. Reservations are required.

              Lunch menu:

              Dinner menu:

              With the prix fix menu you select one from each of the four groups on the posted dinner menu.

              I won't mention Cindy's connection to the CIA.

              1. re: VaNC

                I have to add one thing to the ethnic restaurant chat. Only go to Udipi if you want dosas. The rest of the menu is just OK. They specialize in dosa's!

                1. re: VaNC

                  For down home Good Ol Boy cookin go to Pam's Farmhouse Restaurant. Take Chatham out to Raleigh. It turns into Western Blvd. They are located in the same parking lot with a BP gas station.

                2. Thai Villa is always a favorite for me. Beef salad and Thai Villa noodles are among the many excellent dishes.

                  1. Kashin in Cary has excellent sushi.


                    1. I don't know how familiar you are with Cary, so will add locations here. Maynard is a loop if you haven't figured that out yet, and Cary Parkway is almost a full loop.

                      For sushi - Kashin - Crossroads Plaza. On the north side of Walnut St just east of US64/1. It's a confusing shopping center with limited signage. Kashin is sort of in the middle of the place facing Walnut (on the frontside of Total Wine - the Wal Mart of wine shops). My company entertains visitors from Japan here. Highly recommended.

                      For Chinese - 3 5 - They have a typical buffet, but Chinese looking people order the most wonderful looking entrees from their Schechuan menu. In the ground floor of an office building on Kildaire Farm Rd just south of Maynard.

                      For more Chinese - Orient Garden - good food fast and bargain priced with a tremendous take-out business - on High House at Maynard. Can't be beat for lunch if you're nearby. Maybe DC folks could call it the City Lights of Cary?

                      For Mexican - Taqueria Chichos, on Maynard just south of Chatham. Hole-in-the-wall strip center place where I sometimes am the only gringo. Nice murals of helicopters chasing folks near the Rio Grande, loud Spanish television & music

                      For Bakery - Once in a Blue Moon - best in class!! - downtown at corner of Academy and Chatham. The best bakery in town, maybe the best cakes in the whole Triangle

                      For carnivorean orgy - Rio Churrascharia - on south side of 64 just west of 64/1 split near Cosmopolitan - If you're like Jimmy Buffet's girlfriend who can "eat her own weight up in crabmeat" you should get a few platesful of salmon, shrimp and scallops from the cold bar and let the gauchos bring around unlimited meat. The cold bar full of seafood & veggies is better than the rotisserie meats, but if you're craving protein you will get more than your (company's) $25 worth.

                      For wine, cheese, panini and music - Ciao Wine Bar - on Chatham at Harrison. Fairly priced Italian wines and great light dinner/snack.

                      For Italian - Daniel is OK but not always great - on NC 55 just north of 64 in far SW Cary, actually in Apex.

                      For soft serve dessert - Goodberry's - several throughout the Triangle, on Kildaire Farm and the one on Davis at High House is too close to my house

                      Most of Cary is a short drive to downtown Raleigh via Chatham, NC54 or I40 if you want to explore that option.

                      1. For Indian, I like Suchi over Udipi. You can get all veg dishes and have a better Dosa menu and a big plus is they have good beer and wine along with lot of non-veg. dishes. I like Suchi preparations a lot better and good service. Suchi Fri dinner buffet is one of the best I had so far.

                        I like the Korean place netx to it too.


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                          1. re: suse

                            Suse; I think Suchi is in the next mall where the shops are.
                            Venkat, how is the biryani there? & what is there a special filling for the dosas that you prefer ? Do they serve mooru?

                            1. re: Rory

                              Yes - Suchi is in Chatham Square, where all the shops are, which is just to the left (East) of Udipi. Suchi is in the part that faces Chatham Street, rather than facing the car park.

                              Speaking of Biryani, though, there is a place called Biryani House in that same shopping center. Wonder if it's any good...

                              (That reminds me, though, that I need to go to Cool Breeze. It's been a while.)

                              1. re: cackalackie

                                I have tried Biryani House twice and I can recemmend only one item, their keema shish kabob. Their biryani is okay but it had very little meat and too many bones.

                                Cool Breeze rocks!

                              2. re: Rory

                                I like their Chicken Tikka Masala at super spicy and the fresh garlic naan with Haywards 5000 lagar makes my evening. I do not care biryani that much. I like spicy food with good gravy. the other dish I go for is Chicken Chettinnadu. In veg I get the recommended Eggplant pulusu super spicy some times(On Thursdays - No meat day).