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Oct 31, 2005 08:26 AM

Triangle Find: Xios in Apex

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We paid a first visit to Xios, a Greek bistro in Apex (highway 55, near the junction with 64). We enjoyed the meal very much. The restaurant is sleek and trendy enough for yuppies or dates, but the prices are extremely reasonable, the menu is large and intriguing, and the food is surprisingly good.

The bill came to $50, but we ordered far too much food and left with doggy bags. We could just as well have spent $30 or $35. Be forewarned: the entrees are enormous. Here's what we had:

Avgolemono (lemon-orzo soup). Not the best I've ever had -- in fact, I make the best I've ever had -- but good.

Flaming Saganaki. Flambeed cheese. Strong brandy flavor, but good.

Spanakopita. Exemplary. Very light, not at all greasy. About the best I've ever had.

Moussaka. Rich. Very rich. But delicious.

Lemonato. Pork cutlets in mushroom sauce. This was the least interesting dish of the meal. The cutlets were slightly tough, the sauce was a generic brown wine sauce. It was good, but not so you'd gush about it or order it again.

Galaktoboureko. Phyllo rolls filled with custard. Utterly delicious, the kind of dessert you find yourself daydreaming about.

The website is:

Again, be forewarned: there's music on Friday nights.

David A.

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  1. They also have samplers for $20, $25 and $35 per person. These are great bargains and give you a sample of lots of their menu items. The specials are at the bottom of the menu linked below. (PDF warning)


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      Second the choice of Xios in Apex -- for a memorable meal just order several mezethes (the Greek spreak Pikilia is a good starter) -- not only cheaper, but they are all very, very good! My wife is addicted to their Tzatziki sauce...

      1. re: Kyle Brown
        Tom from Raleigh

        I agree on Xios. Actually worth the drive from Raleigh.

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          Our meal was good, but not great by any means. I thought the ambience was a bit impersonal, and the paper table covers lent a cheapy feel. Also, the service was iffy and mildly forceful - they seemed a little impatient when we took our time ordering. Anyway, on to the food. I thought the spanakopita was not terribly good. Ours was dry and almost pressed together, not quite flaky and airy enough. Tasted good though, but how can you go wrong? I ordered the moussaka, which, as noted above, was very rich but also very satisfying. Others liked their chicken and pasta dishes and gyro well enough. We all cleaned our plates. I did not try any of the desserts. One nice thing about Xios is that the prices are very reasonable. My entree was $11. I believe they have some outdoor tables too. I would give it another try.

    2. I really liked this place too. Its been a year since I've been there, but remember being very pleased. Sitting outside in the fall/spring was pleasant. I'll have to go again before commenting on the food.

      1. I'm a big fan of Greek food (not nouveau Greek) and have been to Xios several times. It's a bit of a trek from Durham and last time I went, it was for the Easter Sunday lunch. The food is well prepared authentic Greek. It's a little pricy but if I want Greek, that's where I'll go. As the OP mentioned, portion sizes can be big and not only do they have live music but one time I went they had a belly dancer making her way round the restaurant.

        I'll overlook the belly dancer (checking calendar to dine on nights when one isn't doing her stuff) because the food is excellent. I'm love mezethes dishes and lamb.