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Oct 10, 2005 09:13 PM

birmingham lunch spots

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I will be in Birmingham this upcoming weekend for a girls weekend. We are staying at the Pickwick in Five Points South. We are planning on Bottega Cafe for dinner. Looking for some great places to nosh on Saturday. We would rather split a few things at a few places than to sit down at one place and order three entrees. Preferably in that area but of course we are willing to drive. This trip is mostly about food! Any kind of food and any price range. Also any suggestions for brunch on Sunday or a neat bakery and a place with a great happy before dinner? Sorry for all the questions but we are looking for the best to try in this up and coming city. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    vera weatherspoon

    You should check out Chez Lulu. Excellent food and sister to an excellent bakery next door - Continental Bakery.

    Also try some Dreamland ribs.

    1. Pete's Famous Hot Dogs is a classic and near Bromberg's Jewlers to boot.

      Nikki's West is a Birmingham institution.

      Bogue's is a good choice for breakfast or a traditional Southern lunch.

      All are reasonably close to Five Points.

      Dreamland is probably worth the trip to Tuscaloosa but if you go you might also want to "comparison shop" at Archibald's across the river; both are true barbecue joints which typically appeal more to guys than girls (when I was at Dreamland two weeks ago men appeared to outnumber women 20 to 1). The Cypress Inn is a local favorite for catfish, seafood, and steaks. The Waysider a legend for breakfast.

      Keep in mind that these are not trendy foodie-type places but all are known for good regional food, plus plenty of local color.

      Of course, Highlands Bar & Grill in Five Points is nationally known and deservedly so but I'm guessing you know that already. I ate dinner there two weeks ago and enjoyed it immensely.

      Hope these suggestions help.

      1. The Fish Market is excellent. Across from UAB and close to the Pickwick. Also, O'Carrs Delicatessen (2909 18th St. South, Homewood)for the best chicken salad, fruit and freshest ingredients. Highlands Bar is good for drinks too.

        1. This is obviously too late to help the original poster, but in case someone else has a similar question.

          Chez FonFon is right next to Highland's in Five Points and is a French bistro owned by award-winning Frank Stitt.

          Cobb Lane just down the street is a picturesque, historic restaurant with old-style Southern specialties like she-crab soup and chicken divan.

          If you get downtown, stop at Pete's Famous hot dogs and enjoy a historic Birmingham landmark -- a tiny spot sandwiched between two buildings, where you eat Birmingham-style dogs standing up.