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Sep 26, 2005 08:19 PM

Jack Pirtle's??-Memphis

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I've seen this name pop up in reference to chicken and also gravy. We'll be staying in the downtown tourist area. I'm thinking of trying Gus's for fried chicken. What about this Jack Pirtle's? Is this fried chicken and what do I order to get gravy? We used to stop at the old 4 Way Grill for country ham, biscuits, grits and eggs for breakfast. Are there some other recommendations not too far away for a good Southern breakfast or should we get up early and drive to the Blue and White in Tunica? We are eventually headed for Helena in Oct for the blues fest.

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    Randal Cooper

    Not a fan of Pirtle's--I find it soggy; kinda like KFC original recipe. Not a huge fan of Gus's either, but it's probably worth a visit, as some folks really swear by it.

    If you do go to Gus's, I'd stay away from the location in Bartlett until you read something very much like a glowing review + a written apology for their world-famous crappy service in these pages.

    And for breakfast I'd hit Bryant's on Summer. You know what this town needs? TWO really good breakfast places.

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      I am one who swears by Gus's but only the downtown location. the chicken is incredible but do not expect anything with the sides.

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        What do you think of Brother juniper's? They appear to have a new cook and the food has improved recently.

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          Randal Cooper

          Honestly, I've never been. I tend to either skip breakfast, get something on the run (big plus for Bryants there), or cook a fancy one myself. One of these days I'll get around to going, though.

      2. I'm a big fan of Gus's DOWNTOWN location only. Let it be known the service can be slow when crowded because they fry to order.

        I also recommend the Arcade downtown for breakfast. Good lunch there too.

        My favorite place for breakfast is Bryant's on Summer as Randal suggests. Bisquits are as close to perfect as I've eaten.

        1. This is another vote for Gus's. I don't think downtown's as good as the one in Mason, but it's still very good.

          Other breakfast ideas: Barksdale's on Cooper and Brother Juniper's near the U of M.

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          1. re: Piranha

            I'm well aware of the Blue and White in Tunica but are there other casino choices that can be recommended? Robbinsville or Tunica? We'll be in Lula and do not plan on dining there but the Biscuit festival will give our cardiologist some future work I'm sure.
            BTW, thanks for all the replies.
            I know not all applaud this, but my wife has her heart set on Anderton's for that 2+2+2. The last time we were at The Interstate, we ran into Rufus Thomas on his way out. He's been gone for a while now and from comments it appears to have slipped some. Still their chopped pork sandwich was one of my all time favorites. I hope the Cozy Corner still is good. Lunch should find us at the Little Tea Shop for those greens. Memphis, you sure are a good eating town!

            1. re: MilwFoodlovers

              I've read a few things about Anderton's still being pretty good from some New Orleans "transplants" here in Memphis after Katrinia. It's on my list. I hope the food is half as good as the atmosphere.

              Ate at the Tea Shop yesterday...that place is unbelievable.

              1. re: Tater

                I like Anderton's a lot - they have a great steak. One of the better deals in town and not a place you'd necessarily think of for that.

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            Bill E. Burk

            Been away from the board too long. Hope you're still looking. (1) Jack Pirtle's offer very tasty fried chicken, with mashed potatoes and gravy. But mostly in neighborhoods. One is just south of Graceland (Elvis' home); and another near University of MEM campus on Highland, just north of Park Ave. AS FOR BREAKFASTS downtown, Blue Plate opened in Court Square earlier this year and thar ain't NO place better than Blue Plate for a good ol' Suthern brekfust ... bar NONE !!!

            1. m

              Our plans changed somewhat so we only had a dinner and breakfast in Memphis. We took the trolley and had Gus's chicken. Just outstanding and a future must stop. Breakfast found me at Bryant's and it too was everything I'd hoped it to be and more. It is now on my Memphis favorites list. We had the country ham breakfast with grits and those wonderful biscuits. I admit though to be tempted by the daily special of BBQ bologna. Anyone ever try their Q? Thanks to all for the advice. Mike