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Sep 4, 2005 01:43 PM

Fish Camp (Gastonia, NC) first timer-looking for more

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Ate at the Twin Tops Fish Camp in Gastonia, NC Friday nite. It was my first visit to a so-called fish camp. Wow--these are true Chowhound places. Ate like a king for less than 15 bux. Main entree was an all-u-can-eat mix of flounder fillets (3), several things of deviled crab, (skipped shrimp but that's the 3rd part) plus slaw and hush puppies and choice of potato. You can have more of anything--had more slaw cause it was pretty decent, but one big plate of fish and some sides was about all I could muster. They even brought me a pitcher of iced tea without asking--nice touch, cause i'm a big tea drinker.
This place is also listed on the Holly Moore website (and rated Outstanding) Can't wait to go to another one --passed one in Shelby about 20 miles to the west that i'll try to scope out next trip.
I would like to get some recommendations of any other fish camps in western or central N.C. (or NW S.C.)that fellow hounds have had a good experience at.

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  1. You've been to the best!

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    1. re: Jim

      you might want to try the Flounder in spartanburg. Havent had their food in a while, but was always good

      1. re: creigns

        go to riverview inn, wilkenson blvd in belmont

        1. re: scott

          We like the Captain's Cap in southwest Gastonia. Great flounder (I prefer the black-skinned side)and oysters. They have a salad bar too. And the wait moves fairly quickly.