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Aug 29, 2005 11:59 AM

Visting Staunton, VA Recommendations???

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Will be staying in Staunton, VA in September. Any recommendations? I've heard there's a couple of good Italian places there.

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  1. I haven't had a chance to get there since I live in Buffalo but some time ago, there was a recommendation for Mill St. Grill on this board.


    1. I am heading there this weekend.

      One place that I tried in the past and was very pleased with was the Edelweiss Restaurant, a German restaurant not far off of I-81. they have a wide variety of German specialties and are relatively inexpensive.

      There was another place that is on my radar but I do not have my notes with me.


      1. L'Italia is a nice Italian restaurant on Beverley St. in downtown Staunton. It has great food and a nice atmosphere. The Depot Grille and Mill Street Grill are both good bets if you are looking for more American fair---steaks, seafood, salads. Lots of folks recommend Rowe's Family Restaurant for the downhome cooking experience. It has fallen off in recent years and not worth visiting. For a quick sandwich or snack, try one of the sandwich shops downtown.

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          I'm so glad I am not the only one who does not like Mrs. Rowe's. Ugh- it's hard to say which is worse, the food or the service.

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            The one in Mt. Crawford isn’t “all that” either. The food is alright, but it seems designed for big buffet-food trough dining. Very little love finds its way into it, which sadly makes it rather ordinary fare.

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              I've noticed that about Mrs. Rowe's, also. We stopped there every time we went through the area, but not any more. They really went down hill in the last 2 or 3 years. It's consistently bad now.

          2. l'italia is by far the best in the valley. though it recently underwent a name change and is now "Emilio's Italian Restaurant," after the owner. Still the same menu, food, management etc. Yummy food and beautiful restaurant!!

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              Hello again, ClaireyMary, glad to see someone ressurected this board as I was about to start a new one about recs for Staunton.

            2. The SO and I went to L’Calera on Saturday, it’s on South New St., downtown. They have only been open for two weeks and we had a pretty decent dinner. The owners (or at least the staff we talked to) are from Argentina and Uruguay, so the Fusion Cuisine they claim to serve probably comes from the natural fusion of Italian, Welsh and Spanish cultures that settled in Argentina over the years.

              I ordered the Sirloin, but was served the T-bone smothered in a heavy cream and whole peppercorn sauce, very good, but a little heavy on the peppercorns. The creamy potato side dish was delicious and the asparagus was asparagus.

              Only two complaints, and they are minor: The place lacks ambience - it was rather cold and stiff and didn’t reflect the vitality I would expect from Argentinean culture. The other thing was that there was a man hanging out near the service bar talking to the staff who kept looking at us. He could have been a manager, but he wasn’t dressed for the job. Like I said, these were small things, and I hope the place takes off because I want to sample more from the menu.

              And I almost forgot! Our Mussels Provencal app was first rate! Served with steamed vegetables. We poured the Mussel "liquor" over them and they were stupendous!

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              1. re: cuccubear

                Been to L'Calera 4 times, only for lunch. Outstanding! Had Stromboli.. only order "small" and still take some home. Pizza has amazing crust.. and sauce is the best I ever ate.
                No South American dishes left. Menu has been cut way down and they are having trouble getting customers, but not for poor food. It is some of the best Italian food ever. Mario Batali would be proud. Hurry and eat here before their lack of marketing does them in.

                1. re: Blakdogz

                  Too bad about the S.A. dishes being axed. I'm sure the Italian is as good as you say, but do we really need another Italian resto?

                  I'll try to get back...hope they can stay open!