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Aug 20, 2005 03:26 PM

Greensboro, NC/good pizza, good breakfasts

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Only place in Greensboro I found recommended on this board is an authentic Italian Deli name Giacomos that makes sandwiches and some of it's own salami. Does anyone know if they sell pizza? Anyone have good ideas for average price breakfasts and good pizza in Greensboro or Highpoint NC? Don't want to drive to Winston Salem. TIA

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  1. K&W cafeteria on Big Tree Way has the best breakfast (especially their pancakes) in Greensboro.

    Marios Pizza is the best NY Style...Elizabeths Pizza also is good. Brixx Pizza is fun for yuppie pizza and beer sampler.

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      Giacomo's does not do pizza(though they will make you a ball of dough to bake at home)

      Most breakfast places are a bare step up from ihop or Waffle house though I have not been to K+W for breakfast or lunch in a while.

      Other options include Herbies and Jakes(there are several of both)

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        I second the recommendations for Elizabeth's and Marios. The battleground ave location of Elizabeth's offers brick oven pizza too.

        For a good southern breakfast that is a step up in quality from the norm, try the Smith Street Diner, on the Northwest edge of downtown.

    2. My daughter and her party of five ate at K&W Cafeteria in Greensboro. No specifics, but they all liked it. Appreciate your help.

      1. Complaints, I know:

        At Giacomo's the soprasetta is like $20 a pound! How to pay such prices?!

        I don't eat at any breakfast joints that don't use or serve butter. Esp Waffle House. And if I want pancakes there must be real maple syrup. That rules out just about everyplace here.

        Pizza at Elizabeth's varies widely depending on which joint you choose, and even within each outlet the quality varies widely. The last 2 slices I picked up from the Market St location were not good at all.

        I loved Mario's when it first opened in Winston. Long Island accents and all. But driving 25 minutes for pizza is tough. The Mario's in Greensboro--on Wendover and on New Garden are not consistent and were never as good. And we have also had ill effects after eating at both places, more than once.

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        1. re: TonySop

          most of Giac's in house stuff is 9 to 11 a pound. Not bad considering the quality. I bought some this tuesday. only the prosciutto is 20/lb

        2. Brixx pizza is of the thin crust, woodfired variety and I personally love the place.

          For breakfast try Tex and Shirley's they have two locations, one at Friendly center and one off of wendover Ave in High Point.

          1. Has anyone eaten at Napoli Italian Market on State Street? I've been neaning to try it, but haven't yet. They appear to be genuine italian market (a la Giacomo's), and they also serve sandwiches, pastas and pizza. Would probably be worth checking out there pizza sometime...