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Aug 15, 2005 10:02 PM

Memphis: If you had to pick ONE BBQ place . . .

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We'll be in Memphis and only have time for one BBQ dinner. If you had to pick just ONE BBQ place, which would it be?


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  1. Central BBQ, on Central west of East Parkway. It's the most consistently well-executed Cue in the city.

    Dry Ribs are the best, Chicken may be wet or dry (your call), I like all of it.

    Stay away from Corky's or the Rendezvous, overrated on both counts.

    Link: http://www.centralbbq.net/menu.html

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      Randal Cooper

      Is dinner going to be the evening meal or lunch? If lunch (Tuesday-Saturday), I recommend Cozy Corner, as long as you don't want a sandwich.

      For an evening meal, it's a toss-up between Central and the Bar-B-Q Shop on Madison.

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        And if you like the "true grit" feeling of the recent film Hustle & Flow, you'll love the atmosphere at Cozy Corner!

      2. As I mentioned below, I like Payne's, Central, and BBQ Shop are currently my favorites. I don't think Payne's has much of an atomsphere for one night, though. In my humble opinion, BBQ Shop on Madison is more consistent than Central (but I like them both and don't know which I would pick on a great day). I've never had a bad sandwich at BBQ Shop.

        1. Another vote for BBQ Shop. Get the bologna/sausage/cheese plate for an app.

          1. BBQ Shop is my favorite, followed by Germantown Commissary.