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Aug 13, 2005 10:13 AM

Atlanta. Beren's Frozen Custard???

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Before it closed several years ago, Beren's Frozen Custard on Buford Hwy was artisanal before artisanal was cool.

Yesterday I spotted a van on I-285 east side with a 'Beren's Frozen Custard' magnetic sign. No address. Sigh.

Googling fails me.

Does anyone know if Beren's has reopened, and if so--where?

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  1. I've never heard of it but that doesn't mean anything. I live near Buford Hwy. and haven't seen it. I'll have to take a little fact-finding tour to see if they've surfaced.

    The only frozen custard place (and I do love the stuff since I visited Ted Drews' in St. Louis) is Sheridan's on Lawrenceville Highway. They do a pretty good job making concretes.

    1. Steve,
      Don't know if you are still out there, but today is a special day! My brother, Mark Berens, is opening a Berens Frozen Custard store in Snellville. Our father, Don, was the original owner and he unfortunately passed away in July 2005. Mark has been serving up the wonderful frozen custard at events around town since 2005, mainly at the monthly Scott's Antique Market in Jonesboro. The grand opening is tomorrow, April 3rd. Would love for everyone to come join in and enjoy the best ice cream in town!!!

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      1. re: poole

        Hi... I knew your dad when I was in high school, he was a friend of my mom's. I LOVED his frozen custard. He made the BEST banana/chocolate milkshakes ever! So glad to learn that your brother is re-opening. Beren's Custard truly is the best ice cream ever... I've tried frozen custard every time I've seen it somewhere, only to be disappointed, it just never measured up! I look forward to stopping in sometime when I'm back to Atlanta. Your dad was a really nice man, so sorry to hear that he passed away.

        1. re: slmsem

          Hi... Our dad would be thrilled to see the lasting impression his passion for his custard business has left behind! He truly did love making the custard. He was going to show my brother all the in's & out's of making the custard, knowing that my brother wanted to open a custard shop one day. Unfortunately, our dad had a massive heart attack three weeks before he got the opportunity to explain all the "secrets" to making the fabulous custard but luckily for us he kept very detailed notes. It took a few years, but my brother has finally seen his dream come true with opening the store in Snellville. Our dad is beaming with pride & with us each day! Hopefully you can stop in the shop next time you are in Atlanta. My brother still serves the wonderful custard once a month at the Scott's Antique Market in Jonesboro. Maybe the timing would be good and you could stop in there as well - he serves up the great milkshakes there too!

        2. re: poole

          I am truly excited--and for the first time in over 30 years living in Atlanta I now have a reason to go to Snellville. or more specifically:

          Berens Frozen Custard
          1132 athens hwy
          Grayson, Georgia

          Thank you. Many times over.

          1. re: Steve Drucker

            Steve... So glad to see that you saw my post and now know where to find the wonderful custard! Bring a cooler with you when you come to Snellville/Grayson & take home some pints of custard to carry you over until your next trip! Hopefully it is every bit as fantastic as you remembered.

        3. Berens Frozen Custard
          1132 athens hwy
          Grayson, Georgia

          It opens tomorrow (4/3/10) near Snellville! I assume they'll also continue doing the Scott's Antique Market in Jonesboro?

          1. One just opened on 78 in Snellville (corner of cooper Road). Delicious!!!