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Aug 10, 2005 11:35 PM

road trip, Conyers, GA, Savannah, etc.

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I'm traveling to Conyers, GA this weekend via Richmond and Charlotte and returning by way of Savannah and Myrtle Beach. I've read some of the recommendations for Atlanta, but wonder if anyone knows where to eat in Conyers, Ga. Also, what's good along the way--Southern cooking and Bar-b-que especially. Thanks!

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    Tha Groovin' Gourmet

    Sounds like you're in good position to experience the wonderfulness that is Fresh Aire BBQ in Jackson, Georgia. Don't remember the exact lay of the land, but you'd head off of I-75 on the way to Macon to get to Jackson. I think the place is covered on the Roadfood site.

    When in Savannah see if you can dig up Love's Seafood Hut (pretty sure that's it). Fish shack on the Ogeechee river with some miraculous Southern style fried shrimp and catfish. If they are still around it is definitely worth a trip.

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      it's off of Hwy 23 about two miles south of Jackson.
      You can take the Hwy 16 exit off of I-75 and go east to Jackson, go thru downtown, and then Hwy 23 splits off to the right.

      however, there are a couple of shorter routes from the Conyers area i'll email if anyone wants.

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        Yes, I'd love to have directions from the Conyers area. I'll be staying on Highway 212, I think it's called Browns Mill Road.
        Thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions. I hate eating at Cracker Barrel and Shoney's all the time!

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          Directions from Conyers to Fresh Air: take state route #155 to McDonough, GA and pick up #23 South follow to south of Jackson. Fresh Air is few miles south and sits low on the right side of the road

    2. conyers is pretty much just one chain restaurant after another. But you might want to try these:
      La Luna (Italian food right off of Hwy 138)

      Baan Thai (Thai food in shopping center on Hwy 138)

      Tava's Pizza for pizza (imagine that!) 4 or 5 miles south of conyers on Ga. Hwy 20

      Pa-pa's country buffet (nothing earth-moving, but tons better than the former cheap steakhouse chain turned buffet type places)

      there's also a place called cosmo joe's that just opened that claims to have chicago style hot-dogs with Vienna beef weiners. I haven't been there, maybe I'll go today for lunch, but never having had a chicago dog before, I doubt I'll know if it's authentic or not.

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      1. re: wabbitslayer

        "conyers is pretty much just one chain restaurant after another"
        I just wanted to reply that this statement is not true!

        Although it's been a long time since the original post, people might still wander onto this page and get the wrong impression from that statement.

        Conyers has many non-chain restaurants; however, it also has many chain restaurant. The fact that Conyers also has many chain restaurants only shows that the economy is strong enough there to support a good deal of businesses.

        Now, for the non-chain places...
        Borage Grill - mediterranean food in Olde Town
        Whistle Post Tavern (american food) near Olde Town
        fancy restaurant next to Whistle Post Tavern (for dinner
        )the sandwich factory (sandwiches) in Olde Town
        old-style drug store in Olde Town (sandwiches and cheap ice cream)
        1 to 2 other restaurants in Olde Town
        Seven Gables (american food, steak, etc...)
        City Slickers (bbq, american food, lots of variety)
        Cafe Milano italian restaurant
        Chianti Italian Restaurant
        Tavas Pizza (gyros, pizza)
        pizza place in Hunting Creek Plaza (has a rather unique dough)
        pizza place on West Avenue [facing north, it is on the north side of I-20, just after the gas station on the right] -- they have some very good pizza, quite a bit better than many other places
        Glenn's Open Pitt BBQ (near/behind Folks restaurant)
        country food in shopping center next to office depot and across from wal-mart
        3 different Japanese steakhouses with various differences -- Nagoya probably being the best.
        Ban Thai (thai food)
        Dynasty chinese restaurant (has one of the best chinese buffets that you will find in the area on Sundays till 2:30pm) Mandarin Gardin, is a good second best, however.
        Los Charros mexican (not a national chain, but unfortunately very similar to many other mexican restaurants)

        There are also a few smallish-chains that are limited to Atlanta, that you still might consider:
        Sonny's BBQ
        Folks country food
        Rolly Polly rolled sandwiches (the sheer variety of sandwiches and soups is great)

        Also, the Longhorn steakhouse is of a rather unique design from any I've ever seen. If you like Longhorn, it might be worth visiting the one in Conyers.

        1. re: aldjvfasla

          +1 for Borage Grill

          Otherwise the area is rather deserted foodwise.

      2. Back from my trip--thanks to everyone for their recommendations. I enjoyed Pa-Pa's and Tava in Conyers, but didn't get to Fresh Aire this trip. I loved Jestine's in Charleston. Brach's in Chester, VA was good, I thought, but I am a Yankee novice at Southern food, so might not really know "good." I couldn't find the Fish shack in Savannah. I ate at an Irish pub on River Street which was pretty good. The Sea Captain in Myrtle Beach was not bad either--it was the only restaurant on the entire trip that served what I consider "vegetables." Flo's in Murrell's Inlet was pretty good too. Overall, I'd say Jestine's was the most exceptional place we ate. But again, a Yankee opinion, so maybe everyone would not agree. Thanks again!