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Jul 28, 2005 11:48 PM

Good, Not Expensive in Hendersonville,NC?

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My sister and her family (two kids) are going to Hendersonville, NC.

I checked out the previous threads and while helpful, they seemed to skew upscale and fancy. El Paso sounded like it was in the ballpark for quality and cost.

Can anyone recommend places that are really good (i.e., good quality ingredients, well prepared, not a chain), and reasonably priced? Maybe a terrific hole-in-the-wall place? Barbecue?



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  1. there's a thread on this from 6/19/05, scroll down & check it out.

    blackwater grill in laurel park is getting good reviews, but i've not tried it yet.

    dixie diner, also in laurel park, is a decent breakfast place.

    h-ville isn't known for good restaurants. there are a few, but it's really hit-or-miss. you'll find better dining, and more variety, in asheville (30 minutes north).

    also, this is not a good area for bbq. most of the good stuff is homemade and at best privately vended. i completely gave up on it & learned how to smoke my own (now if i could just get as good as my dad).

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      There is a German place near downtown - am blanking on the name but they are good and reasonable - great beer!

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        1wiener hound

        The German Rest. name is the Hieldelburg and is diagonally across from the Fresh Market. I think it is on US 25. It has been years since I was there but there was a wonderful upscale moderate priced lunch buffet called Hubert's. H'ville Hounds is it still in existence? The only thing is it is not very young child friendly.

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          Excellent suggestions.

          What a terrific community this is.

          Thank you all.


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        I was the one starting the 6/19 thread and give belated thanks to all who responded. There were not enough days to try all the suggestions.

        Three cheers for Three Chopt as a great lunch stop for sandwiches and homemade soup. The place was packed when we stopped for a late lunch at 3:00 on Saturday. The sandwiches, homemade soups and sides were great. I was less than thrilled with my greek salad...but, after all...this is a sandwich shop!! Everything else was wonderful.

        We arrived in town late the first day for lunch...had plans to eat at the Tropical Dream and instead caught a quick meal near the Opportunity Center before the bridge tournament. One block north there was a "Now Open" sign on an Italian restaurant...where a Greek restaurant used to stand. Having no grand expectations, we actually had a nice quick meal and it was very inexpensive and kid friendly. My husband ordered a pasta dish with salad and I had a greek salad with minstrone soup. Both were very good, quick service and cheap. The soups and salad dressings were all homemade. Nothing fancy with the location or service..I thought the food very good for the moderate price and diner setting.

        The Blackwater Grille had mixed reviews in my family. I enjoyed my meal and felt it was a very nice dinner at a moderate price. My husband ordered other dishes and felt his were overseasoned and trying too hard. They have a nice outdoor patio, weather permitting I would dine outside.

        From Chowhound suggestions and locals I had the chance to talk to when I was in town, the Tropical Dream seems to be at the top of many folks list for a fun casual restaurant with good food. It will definately be at the top of my list on my next visit.

        For the record (not a suggestion for kids), we made reservations at the Inn on Church Street and had a delightful evening! Everything was great. Having talked to a few locals it seems this has a hit or miss reputation...our meal was outstanding and I look forward to returning.

        The Pampered Palate was suggested for breakfast and was closed at 9:00 AM Sat...I would guess closed for good? We wound up a few blocks west on that same side of the road where husband loved his breakfast and I cared little for mine after pulling a long dark hair out of my eggs.

        1. re: Windsor

          Actually, the Pampered Palate is still open. I like going to a restaunt on Main Street called Mikes on Main. It is kind of one of those hole in the wall kind of places. It is pretty inexpencive and very unique. It is based on an old soda counter a a must- go- to

      3. I was in H'ville for a night the other week, and had a very nice casual dinner at West First Wood Fired Pizza. As you can imagine, they have pizzas from a wood-fired oven, as well as pasta dishes and a few more substantial entrees. Good beer selection too. Not super cheap, but not big ticket, and mostly local ingredients.

        West First Wood Fired Pizza
        101 1st Ave W, Hendersonville, NC 28792

        1. Grew up in H'ville. Here are my rec's/thoughts:

          Skip El Paso go to Papa's and Beer on US 25 (papa's and beer does have 2 Asheville locations, so I guess it's technically a chain, but good, fast and inexpensive).
          Three Chopt is pretty good, but Alley Kat (Spartanburg Hwy) is better, imo.
          West First is terrific, but you can also go to their original location (Flat Rock Bakery) just down the road on US 25 for lunch. Great outdoor seating under the shade.
          Right next to Flat Rock Bakery is Hubba Hubba Smokehouse for good barbecue.
          If they like hiking the Carl Sanburg house in Flat Rock has some beautiful and easy trails.
          Dixie Diner does do a pretty good breakfast.

          Hope your sister & nieces/nephews enjoy H'ville!

          PS-Hubert's is long gone

          Dixie Diner
          1724 Brevard Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28791

          El Paso
          505 US Highway 70 SW, Hickory, NC 28602

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            The desk clear at my hotel said he would have recommended Hubba Hubba if I had arrived earlier -- they close at 7:00 p.m.