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Jul 21, 2005 11:21 AM

Charlotte Vietnamese & Thai & Indian

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My daughter just left for her grandparents for a couple of weeks and my wife and I want to get out and stretch our taste buds. We are up to speed except for the above cuisines. What are the current best? We prefer Central/South Blvd area but any Charlotte area reccomendations will be greatly appreciated. Brent K, are you still lurking out there? Thanks!

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  1. I like Taste of Thai on East Blvd near South Blvd.

    A little off your request but the Spanish place Sole at the bottom of the East Blvd hill (1600 block) is owned and run by a Vietnamese couple.

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      I enjoyed my meal at Taste of Thai during my visit to Charlotte. The tom ka gai (coconut chicken) soup, green curry pork and pad thai were excellent. The shrimp panang, however, I don't recommend.

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        I live for roadtrips to Charlotte so I can eat at Thai Taste on East Boulevard.

    2. Although I thought it was "Thai Taste," the others are right. This is a GREAT spot that I am sad is no longer available to me for lunch rotation. Keep in mind that lunch is so busy there, the service can be a little off depending on your arrival time. I have often been served the complimentary soup before being greeted, served water, or giving an order to anyone...and I keep going back because it is so good.

      Having moved from Charlotte to the Triangle though, I actually crave LANG VAN (Vietnamese) on Shamrock more than Thai Taste, and do my best to eat there on every trip back to Charlotte. In fact, some other Triangle friends of mine love this place so much that we have been known to eat there multiple times during a weekend visit. Eveything I've had is great, but I really love the crispy quail, the "Vietnamese pancake," all soups, and the flat rice noodles with brown sauce and choy sum. I wish I could remember the numbers of the dishes, but you really can't go wrong here. I recently was looking up their hours while planning a visit to Charlotte for next weekend (Can't wait!), and saw that there were two crappy reviews on citysearch. Those people are crazy and you should pay them no mind.

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        I second Lang Van. I have not been in about 18 months or so though. You may also want to cheeck out the places at the corner of Tryon and sugarcreek. there are several asian restaurants in this run-down center and they seem to attract a primarily asian clientele. Watch the potholes though.

      2. Vietnamese - I'll go with Lang Van, too. I've heard good things about Ben Thanh, which is run by members of the same family, but every time we want Vietnamese, we head back to Lang Van.

        Thai - My favorite is King and I, but I also like Thai Orchid

        Indian - Bombay Cuisine and Woodlands are my two top choices, although Bombay Grille is also up there

        You haven't asked about Malaysian, but Cuisine Malaya is a good option to try that cuisine. I friend of mine from Singapore recommends the buffet at Tin Tin for Malaysian, as well.

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          Thanks Brent, and everyone ele too!

        2. Monsoon Thai Cuisine (2801 South Blvd (704) 523-6778)is one of my favorite Thai restaurants in town. Lang Van offers the best Vietnamese, hands down. And Cuisine Malaya consistently offers some of the best Asian cuisine in town. I've never tried Bombay Cuisine, but I love both Woodlands and Bombay Grille. Enjoy your culinary adventures!

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            Again, I'm being dragged into an ancient posting!!! Monsoon is, IMHO, hands down, the best Thai in Charlotte.

          2. Saigon Palace on South Blvd. for Vietnamese - see my blog post:
            Also love Monsoon Thai, also on South Blvd. Try the papaya salad, mee krob (here these are lettuce wraps) curried shrimp special on the back of the menu and the sticky rice dessert.

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              Amy - have you tried the brunch at Saigon Palace? I'd love to know if it's only Sunday, what's on it, is it good, how much $?