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Jul 19, 2005 09:45 PM

DC hound in NC

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Well going to Winston Salem NC for a week.
Looking for good places to chow down.
Fried Chicken, BBQ, really any good local stuff.
Ice cream, pie, soup, beans, corn bread.
And yeah greens.
And yeah some sit down table cloth places too!!!!

Just point me in the right direction, Please.

Robert M

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  1. For succulent, flavorful and meaty ribs, check out B & D's Chicago Style Ribs on Jonestwon Rd in Winston Salem (in a little shopping center - sorry not sure of the name). On two recent visits to Winston, I've been taken to eat there. I'm not a rib aficionado or expert by any stretch. But I now crave these ribs. The proprieter gave us a free sample of their chicken wings (with the spiciest sauce he had) and they were very tasty. Enjoy and report back.

    1. Ice cream - Blue ridge ice cream on stratford road - they make their own gourmet flavors.

      BBQ - lil richards on country club and mr bbq on peters creek. also remember that you are only 20 minutes from Lexington.

      meat and threes - murphy's on third street(fried pork chops are good)

      If you go to Greensboro you must try Giacomo's - an authentic italian deli of all places in NC. Their hose made salumi are top shelf

      I'll post others as they come to me. As far as sit down places not sure that many places will be better than dc though if you really need some recs let us know what you are looking for. Also have a gathering storm of hole in the wall mexican places

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        I second the vote for Little Richards on Country Club. I am especially fond of just the regular chopped pork and the hushpuppies. Yum.

        Little Richards is Lexington-style barbeque, not Eastern style.

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        If it's still open, eat at Bell Brother's Cafeteria.
        Soul food, country cooking at it's best. Place is nothing to look at, but the food is great.

        Also, just down the street from Bell's is JS Pulliam's. Got to try their hot dogs.

        1. I ate three dogs at Pulliam's today. It's a worth a trip. The dogs are the red NC style, the slaw (which predominates on the "All the Way" dog, which is chili, onions, slaw, and mustard, the standard Dixie Dog) is a coarse, no-nonsense chop, and the whole thing is wrapped in a thin-paper napkin, which is part of the fun. Large variety of bottled sodas in old-timey bins (though no icewater in the bins, like at the old time grocery stores). The most curious thing about the hot dogs was that all the buns were scorched to a uniform brownish black, just on one side. They were good, just a little strange. It's an interesting place (how often do you see board-and-batten siding); worth a trip if you're in the vicinity.

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            I was in Winston-Salem for one day, and Sweet Potatoes was recommended by the ladies at the welcome center. I'm really glad I asked. I don't know if the locals eat there or not, but I found it delicious, as did the three other people I was with. I can't remember what everyone ate, but I do remember sweet potatoes in some form on everyone's plate. YUM!!