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Jul 14, 2005 12:06 PM

Tamales in Nashville?

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This weekend I'm heading to Nashville for the first time and I was wondering if there's a good spot to find tamales?

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  1. I'm bumping this because I've got the craving myself and don't know anywhere with even ok tamales. At this point I'd kill for non-mediocre!

    1. There's a restaurant in the suburb of Green Hills called La Paz that has very good tamales. It's not really a "houndy" place, as it's part of a small chain (half a dozen restaurants in the southeast) but the quality is great and the food is well-prepared.
      The best reasonably good Mexican-owned place in town, La Hacienda on Nolensville Rd near I-440, has tamales on the menu. I haven't eaten them in a couple of years so I don't recall. I'd be willing to bet they're good.
      Farther out Nolensville Road is/was an Ecuadoran-owned place called Las Americas that has pasteles, I believe they're called, which are sort corn cakes filled with meat. Hot, savory and greasy-good! Might scratch your itch for a tamale and is very authentically Houndish place. Last time I went was 2005, though, so it may have changed hands/changed cooks/shut down.

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        Las Americas is still churning out delicious and authentic south american fare, might you be thinking of their pupusas? Darn tasty little morsels, get a couple orders and make a meal out of them. La Hacienda is a great mexican taqueria that is generally very consistent, so I would assume also that they have tasty tamales. If you do decide to hit one of the nolensville road restaurants, I would advise against going at rush hour on a weekday, where a leisurely drive through a large ethnic neighborhood can turn into an hour long stop-and-go trip through hell. Maybe lunch?