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Jun 26, 2005 01:01 PM

Where to eat in Dothan, Alabama

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I'm traveling to Florida this weekend and might be stopping for dinner around Dothan, Alabama. I've made this trip many times before and never eaten a good meal there. Is there any good food in Dothan? It doesn't have to be barbeque, either, though that is fine.

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  1. Dothan...that's pretty funny. We're staying over there on our way home from Nashville...It's about half way to our home in Ormond Beach, FL.

    So, I looked all over the Internet for a place for dinner..Same as you. I think there is an Outback and, if so, that's where we'll likely end up! But, check out "food" and plug in Dothan. Also, do a search on yahoo. You'll get all the available places to eat in the town.

    There was one local independent place mentioned that was touted for good fried shrimp. At first I said, "in that part of Alabama?" But, you know what? They are indeed not far at all from the Gulf Coast. Might be ok. We may give that a shot vs Outback. If it is crowded and clean..You know it will be ok.

    Let us know how you make out.

    The highlight of ouir trip home will be 250 BEFORE...Big Bob Gibson's BBQ in Decatur, AL!! I can't wait!

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    1. re: Chuck

      We'll probably try the Old Mill. We've eaten at Dobbs before -- it was okay, I guess, but it doesn't compare to several barbeque sources we have here in Birmingham, and I'm sure Big Bob Gibson's would blow it away. Enjoy your trip!

      1. re: lilcath

        I guess it's too late now, but The Conestoga Steak House on Highway 231 across from the mall has pretty good steaks - I'd say better than Outback. All natural cut fries and yeast rolls - very Southern - but very good flavor on the ambience and no reservations, and it can get crowded - so watch your timing to avoid a wait..

        They do have a couple of red wines for the steak, but something along the line of Robert Mondavi Woodbridge. You might consider calling them and asking if you could discretely bring in a bottle and pay a corkage..

        1. re: lilcath

          My Friend TRY INDIAN CUSINE at Taj Indian restaurant, Dothan, Downtown. You don't know what you missing.

        2. re: Chuck

          Do urself a favor and try the Indian food. We think about washing our hand , taking bath to clean from outside but what about cleaning from inside the body. Herbs like Turmeric are herbal antibiotic and kills cancer cell. The spices detoxify ur body . Best part is the food taste good smells good, looks good and its healthy.

        3. Traditional stop for lots of folks in Georgia is at Dobbs barbecue on Hwy 231 S. It is always packed at lunch; lots of locals. Nothing fancy at all. Not even the best barbecue I ever had, but it's quick and not a chain. There is another small restaurant right behind it that I have heard is good; don't know the name, but I believe I recall it has seafood.

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          1. re: mpmma

            I think I found the name...The Old Mill...Supposed to have very good fried shrimp, grouper and snapper. If someone does go, please take the time to report back..Thanks

            1. re: Chuck

              I've traveled to Dothan on business. I remember eating at the Old Mill. As I recall, it has more of a family restaurant ambience. Food was decent, but not like fine dining in Atlanta. I recall having the broiled catfish. It was quite yummy, but I like catfish.

              1. re: Loren3

                Thanks Loren...I think the other Hound who asked first about Dothan and my wife and I are not expecting anything remotely close to an Altanta dining experience in Dothan.

                We'll be thrilled if its clean, the food is fresh and it tastes good. Ambience be damned..Just stopping on the way home to Florida. Sort of half way on the map. And it would be nice to avoid a chain restaurant for dinner so maybe The Old Mill works..

            2. re: mpmma

              Hunt's is the restaurant behind Dobb's. The Old Mill Restaurant is off 231 South quite a ways south of Dothan.

            3. Well, I've lived here about a year now and there are allot of fast food restaurants, but I'm taking it that's not what you mean. There's an O'Charlies here, as well as an Applebee's, Logan's, Cracker Barrel, T.G.I. Fridays, Chili's, Olive Garden, and a whole lot of other restaurants.

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              1. re: dude1234

                Believe it or not there are a couple of places that might actually compare to Atlanta dining... try the Bistro downtown. There's also an Italian place that's locally owned downtown.

                1. re: Gustov

                  Dothan is pretty much a chain-food mecca. Bistro downtown is great. Forget the Old okay, but definitely not great, and the atmosphere is awful. Hunt's is good for Oysters...I would just sit at the Oyster bar in back...good baked oyster's (love their homemade hot cocktail sauce) also, good fried catfish. Conestoga does have a good steak, but no atmosphere. Mrs. Boomer's has a pretty good burger...not as good as the "Original" Boomer's burger, but still pretty good. Dothan now has a Mama Goldberg's...great sandwiches.

              2. Dothan also has a technolgy center that offers hospitality and culinary arts instruction to high schools students.
                During the school year, the students operate a restaurant, Techno Cafe, at night on Thursday and Friday nights at least once a month.
                Check out the website, to see what those kids are up to!

                1. Dothan's hidden gem!

                  Taj Indian Restaurant
         Number one according to trip advisor

                  I'd been looking for something with more quality than the usual fare served-up from the wide selection of second-rate chain restaurants in this city.

                  I've found it - this place is great. The Indian food is as good as any I've eaten in the States or abroad. I'll be coming back.

                  BTW, they've got BBQ for the less adventurous, but do yourself a favor and try the items on the Indian menu. The owner is very friendly and will guide you to choices that fit your tastes.