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Weidman's in Meridian, Miss.

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OK, I've posted this before..damnnit. SOMEONE getout there and answer the question. What is Weidman's like these days? What does it LOOK like? Is it similar to the Old Days? Is it "new?"

For God's sake, SOMEONE answer the ^&%%$% question.

WIth thanks but intemperate mood,


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  1. i just blew through there coming and going to new orleans for jazzfest, and didn't see any sign that Weidman's was still there at all! this is just from the interstate, mind you, but still...

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      4909 - 5th
      (601) 581-5720

      You might CALL them and ASK them are they still there.

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        They appear to still be in business -- but you've got to dial the right number. It's 601.581.5770. They may have also moved, as current address shows them at 210 22nd Ave in Meridian.

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          The phone number above is correct and they do answer. They are now open Tues - Sat 11-2 lunch, and 5:30- dinner. No idea about address. Will check this week.

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            Good news - Weidman's is still open, in the same location, with the hours as in my last message. The restaurant closed in 1991, and reopened about 2 years later with a new owner. He couldn't make a go of it, so another individual bought it and it is finally operating in the black.

            It does not look anything like the old one. The decor has changed dramatically. So has the menu. It is more "upscale" [read expensive] but I'm glad to report the food is great - servings are super generous - everything we had was superior. So, I still recommend it, if you don't mind spending the money. Lunch cost us $33 [for 2], incl. a great desert.

    2. As someone wrote in a recent post, you get a better response when you list the geographical location in the subject line. You did not do that in your first post regarding Weidman's.

      Your grandmother may have shopped at JJ#14 with our late Miss Eudora, but I don't believe that you are FROM Mississippi. If you were, then you would know that Mississippi women were taught to ignore crude language and those that spew it. And, Mississippi men don't take too kindly to taking orders -- unless the orders are from their mothers, their wives, or their milirary superiors. You might want to try a nice, polite request for information next time.

      By the way, I agree with Miss Sue -- grits are plural.

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        Good points. I seldom read a post that doesn't have a geographic reference. There are simply too many to read them all - so I am selective. If an area of interest to me isn't mentioned, I generally skip it and keep looking.

      2. We're in Meridian now + I just called that number. It's been disconnected, so apparently they no longer are in business. Any other recommendations here?

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          I was born in Meridian. Trips back to visit my grandmother and grandfather always included several visits to Weidman's. (Black bottom pie!) My family was good friends with the family that owned Weidman's. I was just in Meridian over the weekend because my grandmother was in the hospital. I was very sad to see Weidman's is totally different.

        2. Hi, Hazelhurst...........small world it is. My post about Gumbo and Garlic brought us together this past month. I appreciated your comments, careful and well considered.

          I was writing a new blog on my Web site about another of my passions, MUSIC. This past Friday night I drove up to Meridian to go to the Sucarnochee Revue at the old Temple Theatre. Afterward I walked over to Weidman's to hear upstairs in their bar a band whose bass player is a great old friend. I was fearful my spelling of Weidman's was incorrect, so I googled it.

          There on top of the search was a CHOW listing. Yours here. I had to say HI!

          Weidman's was closed, then sold to a group headed by the Meridian TV Star, Sela Ward. Modern, slick, and mediocre. They try, but it is hard.

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            I just drive by as fast as I can...it hurts too much

          2. Thank y'all for the updates. We found Weidman's when we were driving between east Tennessee and New Orleans every fortnight (renovating houses in both places.) Then it was closed. Then there were rumors of reopenings.

            We do still get by sometimes, but had given up finding it open.

            1. I lived my first 25 years in Meridian and knew Wiedmans with the lunch counter, old pictures and the Grandfather Clock. Unfortunately it is all gone. Someone bought them out and gutted the place. They have high open ceiling with exposed beams and a very cold atmosphere. The food may be good, but I could not bring myself to eat there. Best of luck to the new owners.

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                Weidmann's is closed. Its last day was back in April.

                Weidmann's Restaurant
                210 22nd Ave, Meridian, MS 39301

              2. Wiedman's was remodeled about 7 years ago ... it was nothing like the Wiedman's it was. All of the photo's were takrn off the wall, and anything resembling Wiedman's was gone! They even took the Neon sign down, making it harder for people to find it. The menu was upscaled to entree's ranging from $25 to $50, salad's an extra $9. It was bought out by the last owner around 4 to 6 years ago. The same Menu was basically kept. He closed Wiedman's about two weeks ago, but another owner has already purchased it, promising to bring back the original as much as possible, with all of the old autographed photo's of famous guest's and whatever can be found when it was remodeled. This happened this past week, so I asume it will it open back up around July 2010. There were no sign's on the interstate with direction's. There is a map to the right; basicall you take the 22nd Avenue Exit (also known as Sela Ward Parkway,) and follow it into downtown Meridian. It's a straight shot, and Weidman's will be on your right, about a block over the 22nd Avenue Bridge that put's you into the downtown area. It is a one way street starting when you cross the bridge into down town. The one way street's can be confusing; if you miss it circle around back to the start of the one way and it will be, as i said, on your right. The name s only etched on the front window's, and without the neoun sign can be easy to miss. There is a Bank Plus Bank across the street that has a bright green Bank Plus Neon sign. Hope this helps, timothy.

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                  Well, I wish them well but it would be a "first" if the real plac could be recreated or even well-hinted at. Somehow I think I ratehr the old place lived on in memory but I appreciate anyone who knows what was lost and hopes to bring it back.

                  Of course, you can't bring back Shorty and the men's room won't be nearly as wonderful as that thing crammed into the kitchen.

                    1. re: Clarkafella

                      Many thanks--I will pass that on to other devotees of the Old Place