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May 30, 2005 07:35 PM

A dining plan for Mid-Town Atlanta...Good? Bad?

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We have three dinners, two breakfasts and two lunches to enjoy in Atlanta. We want to stay in the Midtown area.. Not interested in driving around the city; I know there are lots of good places outside our area...Perhaps we'll hit them on another visit. We're staying on 14th at Peachtree.

Right now the plan is to try Tamarind Thai for one of the three dinners. We'll do that the night we arrive because it's so close.

For breakfast, we'd probably just want to hit the best bakeries in the Midtown area. Any comments on the Corner Bakery, The Celebrity Cafe and Bakery and Le Madeline(sp)would be welcomed. I believe all there are in the Midtown area?

Was thinking of choosing between 1 MidTown Kitchen and MidCity Cuisine for one of the other two dinners. The other night could be a choice between Baranda vs Sotto Sotto or Pasta Pulcinella. Comments appreciated.

For the two lunch opportunities, my list includes The Vortex Bar & Grill, South City Kitchen, Baranda (pizza) or Eno. If the Varsity is any place near where we are staying, I intend to go there as well. Just to see the operation.

Thanks for anyone's willingness to comment. So many choices and so little time. Hoping to get the very best possible dining experiences within the Midtown area at reasonable prices.

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  1. I think you've got some good choices. For breakfast you might also want to try The Flying Biscuit at 10th and Piedmont. It's a more local option, rather than the chains.
    My husband and I disagree over MidCity cuisine. I love it.. especially their "milk and honey" cocktail. We both love One Midtown Kitchen, though. They have great, simply prepared food in a great environment. If the roasted veggies include cauliflower while you are there... get it!! I promise, this is not like any other cauliflower you've ever had!
    Enjoy your visit, and when you go to the Varsity, don't forget to order a frozen orange drink.. tastes just like those push-up pops I used to eat as a kid.

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    1. re: Sara

      Thanks Sara.

      I have heard about the creamsicle type orange drink.

      1. re: Chucks

        Good choices all. I especially love the sausage and green apple ravioli at Pasta da Pulcinella. In the same neighborhood as PdP, I'd also recommend Vinocity. Obviously, wine is their thing, but I had a wonderful lunch there last week including a salad with "Roaring 40s" blue cheese dressing -- my new passion.

        You are close enough to visit the Varsity, and it is not to be missed. The classic meal at the "Greasy V" is 2 chili dogs, onion rings, and an "F.O." (that's the frosted orange drink). Not *quite* walking distance but pretty close to your hotel for breakfast is the Silver Skillet (14th Street on the other side of the highway), a bastion of southern country cooking. I personally prefer it over the Flying Biscuit. But you can't go by me on that one. Chowhounds don't hate me, but I actually think the biscuits at Flying Biscuit are a little dry.

        1. re: Newcomb Girl

          You've been given a couple of great choices for Midtown. I agree that One Midtown Kitchen is fun and's a must. As far as I'm concerned, Baraonda is outstanding. The food is excellent and the service is stellar. Their wait staff is ultra professional. What about the American Roadhouse for breakfast? It's not far from Midtown in Virginia Highlands on Highland Ave. A lot of fun on Saturday or Sunday morning. Then there is Nan! Fine Thai dining at Spring St and the 17th St bridge. Maybe the best Thai restaurant I've ever encountered (and the price reflects this).

          1. re: Michael


            Thanks for the suggestions. I sincerely appreciate it. I have heard about Nan (Nam?) and the good places in the Highlands, too.

            Just wondering...Do you know anything about Tamarind Thai having to close this summer for some sort of street renovation. That they have to relocate?

            1. re: Chuck

              Nan and Nam are two different restaurants--both are great.

              Na*N* (Spring and 17th) is owned by the same people as Tamarind Thai, which is going to shut down due roadwork on 14th st.

              Na*M* Monroe and 10th in the Midtown Mall) is a great upscale Vietnamese restaurant that my Vietnamese friend says is authentic. Try the shaken filet mignon and the lemongrass tofu along with all appetizers!


    2. e
      East Point Cook

      You have done excellent research and have chosen many of my favorite spots.

      As Sara suggests, definitely go to the Flying Biscuit for breakfast.
      You many want to do that twice.

      For lunch, The Vortex and South City Kitchen are great choices.

      For dinner, I LOVE Tamarind and Baraonda. Those are great spots. I would do MidCity Cuisine for your other dinner.

      For after-dinner drinks, try Halo (inside the Biltmore hotel) and Bazzaar (next to the Fox Theater).

      1. s
        steve drucker

        MidCity Cuisine remains a wonderful room, even as the kitchen has become reliably unsteady.

        Strongly suggest Woodfire Grill in its place (many past posts), where what is lacking in flash is more than made up for by what's on the plate.

        Come to think of it: You could do the best of both worlds--dinner at Woodfire, then after dinner drinks at Mid City Cuisine.

        1. Corner Bakery good for breakfast, great view from the patio. Also good for lunch for that matter

          1. Chef Richard Blais is now at One Midtown Kitchen, which in my book makes it a highly recommended stop. Ask which of the dishes are his new ones on the menu and enjoy.