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Mar 6, 2005 01:50 PM

Pupusas in/near Seattle

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Recently discovered pupusas at a tiny cafe in Shoreline on Aurora near the Fred Meyer. Anyone have recommendations for other locales serving them?

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  1. El Vagre, in South Park has papusas.

    1. The Salvadorean Bakery in White Center has them as well.

      1. I recently came upon a very nice Salvadorean place serving pupusas, amongst other things, on Pacific Highway South in Federal Way near the intersection of 336th St. It is a strip mall location, which is somewhat non-descript except for a large sign posting "Pupuseria" in purple writing visible to southbound traffic.

        The quality of the pupusas (broccoli, bean and cheese, revuelto/mixed) was excellent, as high as I have had in Washington, D.C., which has a substantial Salvadorean community. The menu also offers various soups and dinner plates, and weekend specials. The service was vey good, and despite a mostly Spanish-speaking clientele, English was not an issue.

        I believe the name of the place is El Chacalan, but I couldn't find it on the web. Inside the restaurant they had a framed review by a magazine called Colors NW, but I couldn't locate that on the web either. I believe they opened in April 2004, and I think they advertise in Spanish language periodicals.

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          Hi, the name of the place is Mi Chalateca. I go there often for lunch as I work just around the corner. I work with a bunch of ladies from El Salvador and they said that the place is pretty good, but they can make better pupusas at home. So unless you get an invite to one of there homes Mi Chalateca will have to sufice.

          Mi Chalateca
          33427 Pacific Hwy S.
          Federal Way WA

          1. re: happa

            mrsnelso and I went there last week, and it was, um, fine, but her words to me were "seems oddly like this must have been supplied by FSE" (Food Services of El Salvador).
            Now, one thing that FSE can provide is marañon. Ensalada ( a drink, not a salad, with Boring Red Delicious, Mango, marañon, and whatever was next) is an unexpected treat, and the Jamaica (Hibiscus) was very nice. The Horchata was the BEST in this town (OK, so Mayberry is a good read). Nice. We are not in a hurry to go back, but if we go, we expect to be well-fed, at least. Not to say there may not be particular dishes that shine, but we did not find them. I want to say "yet," and hope for guidance...

            1. re: happa

              Mi Chalateca has another place on Aurora Ave n, at about 97th. Theirs are the only pupusas I've ever eaten, but I liked them.

          2. The best ones I've found (even better thaqn the Salvadoran Bakery, IMHO) are at a little dive on the east side of Ambaum Blvd. around SW 149th in Burien. I've been there several times, but the name has just never registered--but I know it says "Pupusaria" on the sign. If you're a gringo, you'll probably find you're the only one in the place, but everybody is friendly and the service is good. The food is cheap and homey and very tasty.

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            1. re: MsMaryMc

              I think I visited this same place. The name is unclear, there is one sign that says "Pupuseria A[some word]" and another that says "bien venidos a Salva Mex" It is attached to a little market; I think it is on the west side of Ambaum, unless we are talking about two different spots. It has a Latin sports bar vibe, with a couple dudes hanging out and watching soccer on Univision and drinking beers. The pupusa i had (revuelto) was very good, probably better than Mi Chalateca.

              1. re: equinoise

                That's definintely the place! It's right next to B & E Meats and Seafoods at 15003 Ambaum Blvd. SW. I'll usually stop in when I'm there buying meat for dinner (B&E's is excellent), and grab a quick lunch.

                1. re: MsMaryMc

                  Has anyone found any new Papusarias. I have tried all of the prior listed spots, and none are close to my abuelita's. Anything on the east side or heading into Ellensberg or Yakima?

                  1. re: FinallyHomeFarm

                    Has nyone tried Guanaco's Tacos, the newer pupuseria on Brooklyn in the U. District? A friend is skeptical of any pupuseria that puts on Mexican airs, but I don't blame them for tryin' to catch the gringo's eye.


              1. re: guanacostacos

                I went to El Comal in Bellevue and was very impressed at the quality of the pupusas. Thick, well-formed and in tact, but not overly greasy, we had the ayote, frijoles and chicarron and they were all great. The curtido had ample bite and spice, and was finely shredded. We also had the canoa, which was fine but the pupusas were outstanding. Just a clear step above Mi Chalateca and that quasi-nameless place in Burien. A return is in order.

                P.S. Move this post to Greater Seattle

                1. re: guanacostacos

                  Excited to hear that there will be a Capitol Hill location. Any word if it will be open late night? I'm sure there would be tons of business.