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May 18, 2005 08:20 PM

Spice & Curry/Durham

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I've just moved to Carrboro & being a big South Indian food fan shopped & went to Udupi Cafe in Cary.
The food was first rate, but Cary is too far for me. Is this place as good? And do they have as big selection of Indian spices; I grind my own masalas. If you think anything is better do tell.

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  1. There are two Indian restaurants in Chapel Hill (Tandoor and India Palace) and three in Durham (Spice& Curry, Dale's, and Sitar Palace). I have tried all of these except Spice& Curry. David A. has tried it and reported that it was not nearly as good as Udupi (both owner by the same fellow). Of the five, my nod would go to Sitar Palace. One of the owners is South Indian but his wife is Bengali (NE India) so they do a good job of cooking both south and north indian dishes-- and it's not too far from Carrboro, just up 15-501 next strip mall over from the Sam's/Target complex.

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      I appreciate the suggestions. I'll report back if any are very good, but I must says thanks for Udupi Cafe, I just ate at Saravana Bhavhan aka Dosa Hut in New York City and thought nothing could beat it.

    2. Asking this crew if anything is as good as Udipi is a waste of time. All of us are huge fans and are not likely to put anyone in the same league. I've eaten at Dale's for lunch and found it to be fine enough and have had good grub at Sitar.

      Certainly both are good enough, but neither is as good as Udipi.

      1. Sorry but I just have to mention this, Bengali means from Bangladesh where they are Muslim and eat beef, and lots of fish, just no pork. A lot of the restaurants in NY's little India in the Village and in Queens are actually Bengali. How do I know this, I had a Bengali boyfriend for five years and learned as much as I could...and I have very rarely found any cooking better than his moms - it's a shame she spoiled me for life!!!! Glad to know that there is great Indian food there though. Any Indian groceries that anyone knows about???

        Laura (in Buenos Aires and soon to in Triangle)

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          There must be more in Cary, because the majority of the local Indians seem to live there, but we have a small Indian grocery store in Durham. There is also a local place - I can't remember the name-that makes Indian sweets. I know they are now located in Cary. I've bought some at the grocery store and they were delicious. Some chowhound out there will have more info on it.

          1. re: suse

            Sapphos; Cary has a great shop in the mall next to the small mall that has Udipi Cafe. I know as I shopped there, spices, fruit, veg, spice grinders everything. And I'm sure there are more. Cary has Indian movie theater, hairdressers, it's heaven.
            There is a small not great shop right next to Spice & Curry. The thing is always to go on days they get their vegetable delivery. Fresh curry leaves, bitter melon, fresh fenugreek leaves... Actually I found bitter melon on sale at Whole Foods in Chapel Hill, the local growers are now doing this...Incredible. There is also a place in Cary specializing in Hyderabadi cuisine. Havent tried it but good biryani is hard to fine.
            See you & welcome!
            Rory, ex-new yorker & from Ireland too

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            There's an Indian grocery in the same mini-mall as Saladelia in Durham. I can't remember what it's called. If it's not in that one, then it's in the adjoining mini-mall next door that has Eastern Lights. I'm pretty ignorant about Indian products, so I can't vouch for its quality, but there was lots of stuff there that I had never seen before.

          3. Rory and Suse, thanks for that info! Can't wait to try these places! I've relly missed good Indian food in Buenos Aire - spicy food is not prevelant here (although growing in populartity) and there are only so many ways to make a steak or pasta... :-(

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              Being Bengali myself, I have to correct a few things you said. Bengali does not only mean from Banladesh only. The province of West Bengal is a part of India, the major city being Kolkata (Calcutta) which I'm sure most people have heard of. Second, while Muslims dominate Bangladesh, West Bengal is majority Hindu. Although they can be found, beef and pork are not often eaten. Goat and lamb are the preferred red meat, although any Bengali will choose fish over anything else.

              The place the other posters are referring to in Cary is Chatham Square. It has become the "Little India" of the Triangle. There are three Indian restuarants, three grocery stores, an Indian street food/ice cream store, two or three clothing/music/jewelry etc. type stores, a bengali sweet shop, and a beauty salon. There are several other Indian grocery stores spread throughout the Triangle (I know of three in Durham) but only the Cary location has such a concentration in one area.

              Welcome (soon) the the Triangle!

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                I am very fortunate to be able to go regularly to Udupi and the Tower for lunch. (And shopping at Chatham Square!)

                I thought that Spice & Curry was a sister/cousin of Udupi. Does anyone know if this is true? Seems I heard that it was "Just like Udupi - only they do meat."

                1. re: bbqme

                  Hey BBQME, true I forgot some of things...thanks for clarifying... Thanks also for the info on the shops, will be thrilled to check them out.